Monday, September 3, 2012

Two if by Hand

Ok so this is all your fault Kat!  I just got to get some fiber from her favorite place [Two if by Hand][1] we have some gorgeous stuff coming in AND we got into the long gradient club! OH MY but the stuffs nummy!  
     This is on a Ramboullet base which is some of the very least itchy wool fiber that the world has to offer.  We bought 1 pound for a sweaters worth.  Two braids are dark and two are lighter so we will ply 1 strand from each I can't wait to spin Rambo!
This colorway above is called Effie
   Then I asked them to do up a custom on merino, I told them purple blue and green were my all time favorite colors. 
.. well they are such bums!  For everything I asked for they made TWO!  So I had to choose!  I couldn't and we took them all.  We have enough for 2 sweaters!

You'd think I was finished.  For some odd reason I ordered this muddy gray blue with orange.  It so didn't send me.  They put it up on their site and since it's no longer there I'd have to say that they didn't have any trouble selling it.  ;-)  I just wasn't loving it so I had to pass.
You think I'd be done at this point but NO the thing that got me going in the first place was Kat got me a gradient long color like this one... so I had to get it too!  I got only one of these in 100% merino and passed on the second which is also not on their site so they had no trouble selling it. PHEW  Last but not least Envy!
I have long wanted to see what the big deal was about BFL-silk blend and so here she be!  This is one of two, I passed on the second.
     THEN I got this!  Cause it's gradient I mean I can't pass on it PERIOD!  The clue is still open for a few more hours if you want to follow me down a rabbit hole as I will most likely HAVE to design something off of at least one month. 
AHHHHHHHH fiber goodness!

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  1. Ha ha, glad I could enable YOU for a change! Love, Kat