Sunday, September 9, 2012

Stitch Marker Day

Yesterday was a blast!  DD and I got to play together, Fae and Pixie in the realm of the Fae, how much fun is that?  Add beads, + crystals, + Pride & Prejudice (BBC version) and you get FUN!
Here we have all our supplies at the ready.
That large pile (right photo), in the center you can see the boxes of 8/0s... well that white is a massive pile of MOONSTONES!  Yuppers we made some stitch markers!  Then we made MORE sm's!  LOL for our swappees and friends.
Then when we finished a few gifts! These will be going to return customer's - hand picked by the three of us.
Fun bracelets, book thongs who need to be dipped in Pixie dust and flung! or just put into a book.  The one on the right - Pixie #1 called it a glass IDer... at a party and loose your cup?  Slip this onto the lip and you wont loose it any more.

Then since we had everything out we decided to make one item for ourselves.  She made a tiara to wear to the opening of The Hobbit!  It's lovely, all silver wire, then on the forehead (not for atop the head) there are beads and leave beads and it just looks smashing on her!  She's got a lovely floor length emerald green gown in satiny stuff that's really decorative.  Over it she will be wearing my purple cape, complete with HOOD!  
     I made my worry beads!
This is my bag, I have all my goodies for my one time a year trip!  On it is my Tink worry beads.  There are little photos of all the Tink Fairy's, bells, charms, glass beads, everything but the kitchen sink.  Yeah I like TINK! I wanted one in blue so this is where I landed!
     For a long time I have wanted to find a use for this large lobster, I always thought I'd make scissor fobs from them but this application as much fun!
Can you see Mr. Frog?  I love F.R.O.G. Fully Rely On God and he's become something of a mascot for me.
See all the crystals!

Mr. Frog is made from 5 beads and his center/middle is a faceted round light blue crystal! Of course he's sitting on a lily pad.

I love kitties too, as you all well know, here's my Little on the right...
 Middle section below....
Of course Little had to make it onto the Worry Bead chains too!  Not just in the royal face above but there's also a very heavy, solid cat face on here as well.  Not only that but also in the "pieced" version too!  Mr. Cat is also made from 5 beads.  He's sitting on his cat bed, his middle is a crystal and he has his top hat on!
It all winds up with a brass bell, there are little turquoise and green bells too, about 5 throughout.  So how does it work?  When I out in public I will run my hands over my chains and "worry" them to tears!  Ok, so they can't cry but they can and do TINKLE!  Lets everybody know that a Fae is coming.  Now if I could only find a place for this lovely hook to hang from.

I finally broke down and bought some ruffle yarn.  I keep thinking of hand spinning some yarn and working up a less ruffled scarf then the 

manufacturers patterns show.  I hope to work these up by Christmas.  Right - are 3 braids from Unwound, a new to me vendor on Etsy.  I have one of them all split and on my wheel.
     Lastly I have 2 photos of the new Kissed line which I'm posting to the yarn page.  
     Ya'll have a great week.  We will be having another day of making bead kits and them compiling them.  Either Monday or Tuesday is dye day so we should be all done and begin shipping Silken Web starting the week of the 17th.  

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