Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Silken Web KAL bead kits

It's so cool when I actually remember how to do something that I haven't done for months... like record and upload a video.  Which I have! Click here for the Silken Web KAL bead kits.  Just wanted to share how we packed the kits.  They are all shipping tomorrow!!!!! Talk about excited, I can barely contain myself long enough to share.  ;-)  In the video you will see not just how we packed it but an explanation of the packaging for the drops, how to open it and to take care not to spill them.  
   All of you on the East Coast, take a minute to relate to the Yahoo Group when you receive your yarn.  When the last person chimes in ... COMMENCE O' FESTIVAL!  We will begin the KAL which I hope you will all enjoy a great deal.  At least as much as I had in getting it altogether and designing it for you. 
    Our dear BIG cat in a 9 x 9 box!  Just prior to this shot he had his head actually inside the box.  Makes me wonder just how small that box can get.

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