Saturday, September 22, 2012

Future Fun

Three things you have to look forward to in the near future.

Not everything I do is a KAL... although the Cylon Top... ya'll might want to make me make it into a KAL as I could do the lace for you. First let me tell you that this lovely lace top is finished! The sample is complete and now I have some niggling to do on the pattern and credits and VIOLA I will be able to load it today and FINALLY share this lovely lace top with ya'll. It's really simple yet oh so striking! We worked up the smaller sizes and one of the niggles is to get the math in for more repeats to make it larger. Wish me luck as I will do that next. This top takes one skein of a standard 2 ply lace weight 800-870 yards per 100 grams. The larger a top you need the more yarn you need.
ADDENDUM it's now 4pm and I wrote that early this morning.  After spending almost all day with the top I come to find I should have been working on the Web as there was something I wanted to toy with on Chart 4.  Now everybody seems to be getting their yarn so I will have to produce here shortly and so the top has been put aside for the time being.

Screaming Meemie #2!!!

MMario Wuv is coming along swimmingingly! I can't remember the last time a pattern just wrote itself. Well, many of them do when Artsy Girl's in the house so I have her to give all the credit to. Without beads it can be worn by a male, MM is getting his namesake, bead less. Beaded takes it over the top. I loved working with the crystals so much and Pixie #2 was so sad when the last kit was completed that we will have 8/0s on the shawl and then crystals of various sizes and shapes dripping OFF of the shawl!!!! I love it when patterns write themselves but this one... it was like:
MM luv - check,
net of friends-check,
rock solid - check,
homage - check!
AND his color is so my color that wow! When I first wrote him and told him I wanted to name a yarn after him I thought brown with red and green blips right? Time Traveler in a plaid right? Wrong. NOPE! He likes my colors and GG! this will be a deep dark teal, spruce with tiny blips in Meldy deep and I can't wait to play. Pixie #2 says that Twist is going down either Monday or Tuesday so we will be doing up enough MMWuv for the TKers and Twist .... oh and!!!! This will be another free pattern during the duration of the KAL and then may go to my standard fee for a shawl. Not sure though... if it's really done as much and as fast as I think then it might just be a freebie for good and all.


The other item that's screaming is Sive of the Shining! Pip Ballantine of Chasing the Bard renown, is getting a pair of gloves from me as writers hands get CcccCOLD! Brrrrr. SHHH don't tell her. Her colors are exactly as I see Sive, all purples through to dark almost black... so another Meldy deep. She's very Steam punk as is MOP her latest book Ministry of unusual Occurrences Protectors or some such. Pip's wonderful, kind, loving and has a great reading voice. If you haven't listened to Chasing the Bard and her Weaver stories please do go have a listen. She's on both podio and ITunes. She's so wonderful and I highly recommend you give her a listen.  Her voice is one of those which you could listen to read the dictionary or yellow pages and be blissful happy.  Here  is my post about her Fae Realm. FUN! I asked her if she might revisit and she said it's a possibility. We will be getting all her books.  Two will be hardbacks from the SiFi club and 4 more from Amazon will have to be mass market paperback.  The only place for hard backs is the SiFi book club. Did you know it existed?????  She signed my copy of Chasing the Bard and said I could copy it and paste it into all my books, hokum I know but consider.... We live on top of the LA mountains, are one hour from the city in 2 directions and I'm in a chair so unless my girl comes to me... and we all know that would take a miracle... so I'm doing the next best thing. Is that stupid? 
      Anyway, she requires gloves - says all writers have cold hands and Steam punk my Sive does also. I'm going to go find me some gears, cogs, antiqued brass charms and see what I can do with said gloves. ;-) Course DD has inspired me as well since she just finished a pair! From her hand spun black baby alpaca top she made fingerless gloves that go up to about the elbows. They have copper beads and have a matching SHAWL!!!! I wonder if she's got photos up yet? I will have to find out and get back to you about that as they are gorgeous.
     Now that I have rambled on about all the goodies let me just give you a quickie list of my video's I want to find the time to make.
  1. Sakura Sleeves
  2. How to - bag lining-with pockets SO simple!
  3. Pattern Keeper-how to make one
  4. Share a massive bag of Christmas gifts (read "dream knitting")
  5. Difference in manufacturers crochet hooks for beading
Gee that's enough for now considering that my voice is in it's chronic laryngitis mode again.  ;-)
     Hope you are having a great productive day.  Me I miss movies and my family - I have been working some really long hours through it all.  Go knit something!

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