Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fast sale on PURE SILK

ALL SOLD OUT!  We will be dyeing and loading another Twist in the middle of October and will announce it on our Yarn Fairy Yahoo Group list.

Normally - yarns go on the yarn page BUT these are VERY special yarn - in that they are one of a kind and when they are gone... we will not repeat them We are going to run this like a really fast game since there are so few and I wont be making them again.  You will have a totally original yarn never seen before - never again seen yarn if you win!!!!  
What's the catch?  
The first person to pay for them gets them!  
So shop fast.
        Everything you see here is in "lots" of 2 skeins of the lovely 100% silk yarn we are using for the Silken Web. 1000 yards each for a total of 2000 yards in same dye lot.  You will receive 2000 yards of 100% silk hand dyed by the Yarn Fairy.  First person to send funds via paypal wins them!  Make sure you either put on your paypal bill the yarn name or write me after you hit paypal... first come first served.  Pick your first and 2nd choices and I will post here as they sell.  All double payments (if you didn't win) will be refunded immediately!!!
     These are great for garments, sweaters, tops, vests and our Cylon Top which is in test knit currently.  With this yardage  you could do a large shawl from them as well.  The blips are short and the gradation gradual so they will lean well towards shawls.

I make it myself with a little lemon twist was the inspiration for these yarns. It's a quote from Beverly Hills Cop. Scroll down for the video related to my thoughts as I went through this theme.  I  had a great deal of fun, dreaming up what I was to do.  With a Twist...oh so loverly and very pleasing to the eye.  So what's the twist?  Little blips of colors shot into the main color.  In some it was pink or cream in others lime.  At one point I heard the heavenly chorus!



Left is Chocolate Covered Strawberry's 
                                      Right Chocolate covered Raspberries YUM
These contain all shades of browns and purples to reds you will also see creamy pink and blips of cream, and raspberry has a tiny blip of hot pink,,,that's for when you want creamy centers. ;-)
Under the Sea

Left is Plant Life Green                                               SOLD!
                                                             Right is the Plant Life Sea

Plant Life Green has every color of green from light to dark as well as blips of almost a yellow green all the way through to blues.
Plant Life Sea was a very special dye job.  It has all shades of Navy and sapphire with emerald and brilliant kelly along with lime blips and even some that are cream.  This one wont do well for a lace shawl but all the others will.  I would love to see the Cylon Top done up in this one or a sweater on say size 5's. I can totally see a top with crystals along a plunging neckline!

Lastly above the sea is the Sky
This is a turquoise sky with some water splashing on it for all shades of medium blues and all shades of turquoise from light to dark.

They are all lovely and will be sold on a first come first served basis.  If you have an order already pending for the Silken Web you can add these on at a special price of just $59 and free shipping.  This special price is good only for this offer.  They are all good for shawls with the exception of Plant Life Sea as it has so much going on but it would be a swell sweater!  Can't you just imagine a sweater from 100% silk, you could wear to the office and be the envy of all your friends!  Or how about a cover up for a sun dress?  My thoughts are limitless so if you need help brainstorming what to do with your yarn I'm always available.

To order - do it asap don't allow your favorite to slip away- send $59 to via 

Didn't order yarn for the Silken Web?  That's ok I just need you to cover the shipping.  Your total is $64.00 for your lot.  Be sure to specify which yarn you would like by name.

At :57 seconds you get the twist relation to me.  Don't let it run too long as Eddie drops the F bomb as Eddie is want to do.

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  1. You guys have the most beautiful yarn! I have a gorgeous skein from you that I've been holding on to for a special use. It will be a sweater and hat for my first grandbaby!