Saturday, September 22, 2012

Future Fun

Three things you have to look forward to in the near future.

Not everything I do is a KAL... although the Cylon Top... ya'll might want to make me make it into a KAL as I could do the lace for you. First let me tell you that this lovely lace top is finished! The sample is complete and now I have some niggling to do on the pattern and credits and VIOLA I will be able to load it today and FINALLY share this lovely lace top with ya'll. It's really simple yet oh so striking! We worked up the smaller sizes and one of the niggles is to get the math in for more repeats to make it larger. Wish me luck as I will do that next. This top takes one skein of a standard 2 ply lace weight 800-870 yards per 100 grams. The larger a top you need the more yarn you need.
ADDENDUM it's now 4pm and I wrote that early this morning.  After spending almost all day with the top I come to find I should have been working on the Web as there was something I wanted to toy with on Chart 4.  Now everybody seems to be getting their yarn so I will have to produce here shortly and so the top has been put aside for the time being.

Screaming Meemie #2!!!

MMario Wuv is coming along swimmingingly! I can't remember the last time a pattern just wrote itself. Well, many of them do when Artsy Girl's in the house so I have her to give all the credit to. Without beads it can be worn by a male, MM is getting his namesake, bead less. Beaded takes it over the top. I loved working with the crystals so much and Pixie #2 was so sad when the last kit was completed that we will have 8/0s on the shawl and then crystals of various sizes and shapes dripping OFF of the shawl!!!! I love it when patterns write themselves but this one... it was like:
MM luv - check,
net of friends-check,
rock solid - check,
homage - check!
AND his color is so my color that wow! When I first wrote him and told him I wanted to name a yarn after him I thought brown with red and green blips right? Time Traveler in a plaid right? Wrong. NOPE! He likes my colors and GG! this will be a deep dark teal, spruce with tiny blips in Meldy deep and I can't wait to play. Pixie #2 says that Twist is going down either Monday or Tuesday so we will be doing up enough MMWuv for the TKers and Twist .... oh and!!!! This will be another free pattern during the duration of the KAL and then may go to my standard fee for a shawl. Not sure though... if it's really done as much and as fast as I think then it might just be a freebie for good and all.


The other item that's screaming is Sive of the Shining! Pip Ballantine of Chasing the Bard renown, is getting a pair of gloves from me as writers hands get CcccCOLD! Brrrrr. SHHH don't tell her. Her colors are exactly as I see Sive, all purples through to dark almost black... so another Meldy deep. She's very Steam punk as is MOP her latest book Ministry of unusual Occurrences Protectors or some such. Pip's wonderful, kind, loving and has a great reading voice. If you haven't listened to Chasing the Bard and her Weaver stories please do go have a listen. She's on both podio and ITunes. She's so wonderful and I highly recommend you give her a listen.  Her voice is one of those which you could listen to read the dictionary or yellow pages and be blissful happy.  Here  is my post about her Fae Realm. FUN! I asked her if she might revisit and she said it's a possibility. We will be getting all her books.  Two will be hardbacks from the SiFi club and 4 more from Amazon will have to be mass market paperback.  The only place for hard backs is the SiFi book club. Did you know it existed?????  She signed my copy of Chasing the Bard and said I could copy it and paste it into all my books, hokum I know but consider.... We live on top of the LA mountains, are one hour from the city in 2 directions and I'm in a chair so unless my girl comes to me... and we all know that would take a miracle... so I'm doing the next best thing. Is that stupid? 
      Anyway, she requires gloves - says all writers have cold hands and Steam punk my Sive does also. I'm going to go find me some gears, cogs, antiqued brass charms and see what I can do with said gloves. ;-) Course DD has inspired me as well since she just finished a pair! From her hand spun black baby alpaca top she made fingerless gloves that go up to about the elbows. They have copper beads and have a matching SHAWL!!!! I wonder if she's got photos up yet? I will have to find out and get back to you about that as they are gorgeous.
     Now that I have rambled on about all the goodies let me just give you a quickie list of my video's I want to find the time to make.
  1. Sakura Sleeves
  2. How to - bag lining-with pockets SO simple!
  3. Pattern Keeper-how to make one
  4. Share a massive bag of Christmas gifts (read "dream knitting")
  5. Difference in manufacturers crochet hooks for beading
Gee that's enough for now considering that my voice is in it's chronic laryngitis mode again.  ;-)
     Hope you are having a great productive day.  Me I miss movies and my family - I have been working some really long hours through it all.  Go knit something!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Visit to the doctor

“Pain is meant to wake us up. People try to hide their pain. But they’re wrong. Pain is something to carry, like a radio. You feel your strength in the experience of pain. It’s all in how you carry it. That’s what matters. Pain is a feeling. Your feelings are a part of you. Your own reality. If you feel ashamed of them, and hide them, you’re letting society destroy your reality. You should stand up for your right to feel your pain.” -Jim Morrison

UPDATE 9-22 Forgot to tell you the most important thing... my doctor looked at me and said you are only 49! WHY!  I want to know what's causing this.  He said he could see if I were at hard labor over a jackhammer but a knitter?  Could we find out finally? Anything is possible.  AND if we get a good trinity Pain, Prime, Rhuem then perhaps they might figure out why this is happening to me and hault the progress??????
WOW so I go to the doctor, he’s so different. When I first saw him 3 years back he was new, scared write Morphine for me afraid of what they would say etc, etc. Now that we are ramping up after being at the top of where I can be on the drug, he was just WONDERFUL! He answered ALL my questions. Told me that the reason I can’t remember my children’s names at times, can’t talk and stutter is all due to the meds I’m taking. Gave me 15 mg more of the M to take at night and I woke with very little pain today I LOVE MY DOCTOR! Never thought you’d hear me say that again right! So then he has all these thoughts about the hip pain and tested (physically) for bursitis as that was his first thought cause the pain feels like inflammation. He hit my FMS pain point and I hit the ceiling and that threw out his theory. So he took a bunch of blood to run me for auto immune etc, etc, and I’ know he will find d-deficiency even though I’m very brown and take a great D daily I still can’t get enough. Then he did the x-rays… he will compare them to the old ones and find that many more vertebra are now consumed by the spurs…. I can tell cause where the spurs are my spine is flat instead of concave.

     The last doctor said spinal fusion which was about 5 years ago, I turned my chair around and left crying.  My Chiro said NEVER let them operate.  I know it will come to it eventually but we will go with the laser surgery if that ever becomes an option.  
     So meanwhile... doc asks what it would take to get me down the hill in the car... I told him I haven't done it since the grand baby was born and he's over 1 year old now.  I asked him for a shot, he said yes!  I will only need the one as we are going to see a pain dude and my docs going to make some phone calls to find someone who will not force me to do all the tests again, PT once a week, MRI, density etc before treatment.  Those tests,,, I have to lay flat... I can't do it.  It's really painful just to get on the x-ray table.  So once he finds the right doc we will get the shot, go to the city and get a pump installed in my spine!!!! 
       I'm soooo happy.  See I'm at a 8-10 and doc said it's a shame for me to be 49 and bed ridden, I couldn't agree more but I said doc, "I have been for years now".  He said, "yeah but not at a 8-10, we are going to get you back down to a 4-6", which is where I normally reside.  WELL!  I just read this and these people sound like they can work and garden (which my Chiro said was the MOST physically demanding thing you can do) after the pump!  WOW wouldn't it be grand!  If I could WALK AGAIN!!!! I don't want to run circles, just to be able to walk again would be great. 


Today I am thankful for my doctor taking the time with me that I needed and for him caring!  It's so rare to find a good doctor but to find a GREAT one - it's exceptional.  I have hope again.  I'm thankful that my flu ridden beloved was home so that he could take me in as they don't do x-rays on the weekends. Everything just fell into place yesterday.
     Before, years ago, when I was in much less pain and we were with Kaiser, I had a great group of docs who worked together to help me.  
MAYBE, it can happen again.  
MAYBE, I will be able to get up again!  
MAYBE, I will be able to drive again.  
MAYBE, I will be able to leave the house and OH PLEASE LORD, 
MAYBE, I will be able to take my Pixies on a trip, a long trip around the USA in an RV or a "rent a pop tent" behind my car, like I always wanted to do.
MAYBE, some day I will be able to take that cruise finally.
     Wouldn't it be swell!  Wouldn't it be wonderful?
     I'm thankful today that I have hope.  HOPE for the first time in YEARS I have hope!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Silken Web KAL bead kits

It's so cool when I actually remember how to do something that I haven't done for months... like record and upload a video.  Which I have! Click here for the Silken Web KAL bead kits.  Just wanted to share how we packed the kits.  They are all shipping tomorrow!!!!! Talk about excited, I can barely contain myself long enough to share.  ;-)  In the video you will see not just how we packed it but an explanation of the packaging for the drops, how to open it and to take care not to spill them.  
   All of you on the East Coast, take a minute to relate to the Yahoo Group when you receive your yarn.  When the last person chimes in ... COMMENCE O' FESTIVAL!  We will begin the KAL which I hope you will all enjoy a great deal.  At least as much as I had in getting it altogether and designing it for you. 
    Our dear BIG cat in a 9 x 9 box!  Just prior to this shot he had his head actually inside the box.  Makes me wonder just how small that box can get.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fast sale on PURE SILK

ALL SOLD OUT!  We will be dyeing and loading another Twist in the middle of October and will announce it on our Yarn Fairy Yahoo Group list.

Normally - yarns go on the yarn page BUT these are VERY special yarn - in that they are one of a kind and when they are gone... we will not repeat them We are going to run this like a really fast game since there are so few and I wont be making them again.  You will have a totally original yarn never seen before - never again seen yarn if you win!!!!  
What's the catch?  
The first person to pay for them gets them!  
So shop fast.
        Everything you see here is in "lots" of 2 skeins of the lovely 100% silk yarn we are using for the Silken Web. 1000 yards each for a total of 2000 yards in same dye lot.  You will receive 2000 yards of 100% silk hand dyed by the Yarn Fairy.  First person to send funds via paypal wins them!  Make sure you either put on your paypal bill the yarn name or write me after you hit paypal... first come first served.  Pick your first and 2nd choices and I will post here as they sell.  All double payments (if you didn't win) will be refunded immediately!!!
     These are great for garments, sweaters, tops, vests and our Cylon Top which is in test knit currently.  With this yardage  you could do a large shawl from them as well.  The blips are short and the gradation gradual so they will lean well towards shawls.

I make it myself with a little lemon twist was the inspiration for these yarns. It's a quote from Beverly Hills Cop. Scroll down for the video related to my thoughts as I went through this theme.  I  had a great deal of fun, dreaming up what I was to do.  With a Twist...oh so loverly and very pleasing to the eye.  So what's the twist?  Little blips of colors shot into the main color.  In some it was pink or cream in others lime.  At one point I heard the heavenly chorus!



Left is Chocolate Covered Strawberry's 
                                      Right Chocolate covered Raspberries YUM
These contain all shades of browns and purples to reds you will also see creamy pink and blips of cream, and raspberry has a tiny blip of hot pink,,,that's for when you want creamy centers. ;-)
Under the Sea

Left is Plant Life Green                                               SOLD!
                                                             Right is the Plant Life Sea

Plant Life Green has every color of green from light to dark as well as blips of almost a yellow green all the way through to blues.
Plant Life Sea was a very special dye job.  It has all shades of Navy and sapphire with emerald and brilliant kelly along with lime blips and even some that are cream.  This one wont do well for a lace shawl but all the others will.  I would love to see the Cylon Top done up in this one or a sweater on say size 5's. I can totally see a top with crystals along a plunging neckline!

Lastly above the sea is the Sky
This is a turquoise sky with some water splashing on it for all shades of medium blues and all shades of turquoise from light to dark.

They are all lovely and will be sold on a first come first served basis.  If you have an order already pending for the Silken Web you can add these on at a special price of just $59 and free shipping.  This special price is good only for this offer.  They are all good for shawls with the exception of Plant Life Sea as it has so much going on but it would be a swell sweater!  Can't you just imagine a sweater from 100% silk, you could wear to the office and be the envy of all your friends!  Or how about a cover up for a sun dress?  My thoughts are limitless so if you need help brainstorming what to do with your yarn I'm always available.

To order - do it asap don't allow your favorite to slip away- send $59 to via 

Didn't order yarn for the Silken Web?  That's ok I just need you to cover the shipping.  Your total is $64.00 for your lot.  Be sure to specify which yarn you would like by name.

At :57 seconds you get the twist relation to me.  Don't let it run too long as Eddie drops the F bomb as Eddie is want to do.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

MMario Autumnal KAL

Here's my MMario Autumnal KAL 2012 - shawl through clue 2.  I love that I get to use yarn that I spun during Tour De Fleece this year.  I'm working half pie in Mrs. Montague, Mario is making this a choose your own adventure shawl!  We get to pick which chart we want to make for each clue.  Fun!  I can only work on my personal knitting on Sundays due to my work load so I'm pleased with my progress.  This only took me about 1 hour today.

Stitch Marker Day

Yesterday was a blast!  DD and I got to play together, Fae and Pixie in the realm of the Fae, how much fun is that?  Add beads, + crystals, + Pride & Prejudice (BBC version) and you get FUN!
Here we have all our supplies at the ready.
That large pile (right photo), in the center you can see the boxes of 8/0s... well that white is a massive pile of MOONSTONES!  Yuppers we made some stitch markers!  Then we made MORE sm's!  LOL for our swappees and friends.
Then when we finished a few gifts! These will be going to return customer's - hand picked by the three of us.
Fun bracelets, book thongs who need to be dipped in Pixie dust and flung! or just put into a book.  The one on the right - Pixie #1 called it a glass IDer... at a party and loose your cup?  Slip this onto the lip and you wont loose it any more.

Then since we had everything out we decided to make one item for ourselves.  She made a tiara to wear to the opening of The Hobbit!  It's lovely, all silver wire, then on the forehead (not for atop the head) there are beads and leave beads and it just looks smashing on her!  She's got a lovely floor length emerald green gown in satiny stuff that's really decorative.  Over it she will be wearing my purple cape, complete with HOOD!  
     I made my worry beads!
This is my bag, I have all my goodies for my one time a year trip!  On it is my Tink worry beads.  There are little photos of all the Tink Fairy's, bells, charms, glass beads, everything but the kitchen sink.  Yeah I like TINK! I wanted one in blue so this is where I landed!
     For a long time I have wanted to find a use for this large lobster, I always thought I'd make scissor fobs from them but this application as much fun!
Can you see Mr. Frog?  I love F.R.O.G. Fully Rely On God and he's become something of a mascot for me.
See all the crystals!

Mr. Frog is made from 5 beads and his center/middle is a faceted round light blue crystal! Of course he's sitting on a lily pad.

I love kitties too, as you all well know, here's my Little on the right...
 Middle section below....
Of course Little had to make it onto the Worry Bead chains too!  Not just in the royal face above but there's also a very heavy, solid cat face on here as well.  Not only that but also in the "pieced" version too!  Mr. Cat is also made from 5 beads.  He's sitting on his cat bed, his middle is a crystal and he has his top hat on!
It all winds up with a brass bell, there are little turquoise and green bells too, about 5 throughout.  So how does it work?  When I out in public I will run my hands over my chains and "worry" them to tears!  Ok, so they can't cry but they can and do TINKLE!  Lets everybody know that a Fae is coming.  Now if I could only find a place for this lovely hook to hang from.

I finally broke down and bought some ruffle yarn.  I keep thinking of hand spinning some yarn and working up a less ruffled scarf then the 

manufacturers patterns show.  I hope to work these up by Christmas.  Right - are 3 braids from Unwound, a new to me vendor on Etsy.  I have one of them all split and on my wheel.
     Lastly I have 2 photos of the new Kissed line which I'm posting to the yarn page.  
     Ya'll have a great week.  We will be having another day of making bead kits and them compiling them.  Either Monday or Tuesday is dye day so we should be all done and begin shipping Silken Web starting the week of the 17th.  

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


WOW I'm learning how to take better photos all the time.  You wouldn't believe my cheese ball set up if I told you but it worked.  TADA, say hello to my little friend here's FIRE!  This is the yarn that has me so excited!
Fire has a friend who is solid black, both of them are sock yarn.  Now that I have the paints I just need a canvas!  Socks, scarf or bag and the more I think about it the more I think a bag would be a perfect canvas for what I have in mind.  What do you think of my little fire?
If you are on the Yahoo Group you may vote here.

For the Ravelry group vote here.  On the post which has the poll in it.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Two if by Hand

Ok so this is all your fault Kat!  I just got to get some fiber from her favorite place [Two if by Hand][1] we have some gorgeous stuff coming in AND we got into the long gradient club! OH MY but the stuffs nummy!  
     This is on a Ramboullet base which is some of the very least itchy wool fiber that the world has to offer.  We bought 1 pound for a sweaters worth.  Two braids are dark and two are lighter so we will ply 1 strand from each I can't wait to spin Rambo!
This colorway above is called Effie
   Then I asked them to do up a custom on merino, I told them purple blue and green were my all time favorite colors. 
.. well they are such bums!  For everything I asked for they made TWO!  So I had to choose!  I couldn't and we took them all.  We have enough for 2 sweaters!

You'd think I was finished.  For some odd reason I ordered this muddy gray blue with orange.  It so didn't send me.  They put it up on their site and since it's no longer there I'd have to say that they didn't have any trouble selling it.  ;-)  I just wasn't loving it so I had to pass.
You think I'd be done at this point but NO the thing that got me going in the first place was Kat got me a gradient long color like this one... so I had to get it too!  I got only one of these in 100% merino and passed on the second which is also not on their site so they had no trouble selling it. PHEW  Last but not least Envy!
I have long wanted to see what the big deal was about BFL-silk blend and so here she be!  This is one of two, I passed on the second.
     THEN I got this!  Cause it's gradient I mean I can't pass on it PERIOD!  The clue is still open for a few more hours if you want to follow me down a rabbit hole as I will most likely HAVE to design something off of at least one month. 
AHHHHHHHH fiber goodness!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Silken Web KAL is now open

What a row to hoe!  Since our three test knitters are getting to the end of the pattern I have been working at opening the KAL.  For the past three hours I have been imputing information into this blog from paypal and Rav and creating a new page here for the Silken Web.  Over on Ravelry I was working on uploading the yarn and pattern which takes my brains and twists them.  By the way, Rav's got a new method for that which is very simple and straight forward.  
     PHEW what a load of work but it's going to be sooooo worth it!  Here's a super TINY sneak peek for you.

     AHHHHHH a job well done as you all are jumping on the cut price of the pattern. I'm happy to report that there have been no questions or problems so far and that the pattern orders are flying in.  WHAT FUN!  I can't wait to play.  YIPEEEE

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Color Changing Workshop

The Color Changing Workshop is about to begin.  The class handout is now available in Ravelry on the Yarn Fairy Beaded Bracelet pattern.  This is the final handout and it has a lot of questions which we will talk over in the chat session today at noon PST today which is 3pm EST.  Chat is located at the URL above on the right side of the page.

To date, we have 117 people who have downloaded the information!  It will be fun.  

I'm not positive I can save the chat or what to do with it after the fact but I will try as I know some of you are working today.

See you there!

Next week we will begin to load the Silken Web information for you.  So you can look forward to more Yarn Fairy fun.