Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Silken Web-coming soon

Yesterday my family took the day off.  Since it was only Mom and me I knew that I could get some major work done without interruptions.  Pixies are good interruptions but they are always of the kind that derail.

So what do we have?

           Another Yarn Fairy Original
                 The Silken Web
You full well know that we have been working really hard for many months to get this pattern just right.  After many brainstorming sessions then buying far too many samples of beads. Buying a massive quantity of silk lace.  Then buying it again!  After starting and trashing, after starting again, stopping and then restarting again many times.... we have a pattern!  I'm so pleased to say that.  Can I just say that again?  WE HAVE A PATTERN!  I'm so happy.  The testers are already on it and it's stunning!  This one needed special lace, we knew what we wanted it to do but getting it to that point was difficult-but not impossible cause WE HAVE A PATTERN!  I'm just so pleased.

Taken from the thoughts of mist and dew drops glistening early in the morning on a spiders web. 
 No, there will be no spiders here but the STRENGTH of their web WILL be here in 100% silk yarn.

What you will find are the Fae and their companions, Sprite's,  Pixies and all manner of woodland creatures.

Think of...
Pixie Dust and rainbows,

Butterflies, daisies and buttercups.

Leaves which have been put to good use as mugs.

Sticks left propped up around a fairy circle, to rest on while watching others caper and dance.

Look closely at your shawl and you might find that fairy circle, or how about a maze with a reward at it's center. Or is that a rose? Can you find the Goblet of the Fae? What will it look like?  Fancy and covered in gemstones?

 Or do you think it would look more like the plant of the name Fairy Goblet?  Regardless inside of it you will see one last drop of Eternal Life the potion the Fae have made all these years for everlasting youth to last throughout all eternity. 
 Perhaps you will find the very heart of the Fae, said to be a golden, glimmer, a wee shimmer of a thing.

 I know what I see, I wonder what will you see?
The test knitters have been set loose and as we get further along in the charts a new page will appear here with all of the information on how to order various kits.  We will be KALing, somewhere around the end of September I'm thinking we will land. SO EXCITED!!!!  Follow this blog to be assured of getting notified first.