Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Silken Web-coming soon

Yesterday my family took the day off.  Since it was only Mom and me I knew that I could get some major work done without interruptions.  Pixies are good interruptions but they are always of the kind that derail.

So what do we have?

           Another Yarn Fairy Original
                 The Silken Web
You full well know that we have been working really hard for many months to get this pattern just right.  After many brainstorming sessions then buying far too many samples of beads. Buying a massive quantity of silk lace.  Then buying it again!  After starting and trashing, after starting again, stopping and then restarting again many times.... we have a pattern!  I'm so pleased to say that.  Can I just say that again?  WE HAVE A PATTERN!  I'm so happy.  The testers are already on it and it's stunning!  This one needed special lace, we knew what we wanted it to do but getting it to that point was difficult-but not impossible cause WE HAVE A PATTERN!  I'm just so pleased.

Taken from the thoughts of mist and dew drops glistening early in the morning on a spiders web. 
 No, there will be no spiders here but the STRENGTH of their web WILL be here in 100% silk yarn.

What you will find are the Fae and their companions, Sprite's,  Pixies and all manner of woodland creatures.

Think of...
Pixie Dust and rainbows,

Butterflies, daisies and buttercups.

Leaves which have been put to good use as mugs.

Sticks left propped up around a fairy circle, to rest on while watching others caper and dance.

Look closely at your shawl and you might find that fairy circle, or how about a maze with a reward at it's center. Or is that a rose? Can you find the Goblet of the Fae? What will it look like?  Fancy and covered in gemstones?

 Or do you think it would look more like the plant of the name Fairy Goblet?  Regardless inside of it you will see one last drop of Eternal Life the potion the Fae have made all these years for everlasting youth to last throughout all eternity. 
 Perhaps you will find the very heart of the Fae, said to be a golden, glimmer, a wee shimmer of a thing.

 I know what I see, I wonder what will you see?
The test knitters have been set loose and as we get further along in the charts a new page will appear here with all of the information on how to order various kits.  We will be KALing, somewhere around the end of September I'm thinking we will land. SO EXCITED!!!!  Follow this blog to be assured of getting notified first.

Monday, August 13, 2012

How to Bind off Loosely

How to bind off loosely

A lot of people have trouble binding off shawls and toe up socks. Here are a few different ways to make this simple for you. Keep in mind that you need this stretchy so it needs to be looser then your normal knitting.

1) I have long said bind off so loose it feels wrong. If it feels wrong you are doing it right. This is true, you will be making large loops that are extremely loose. Work the standard bind off and hold the loops on the RHN as you progress so that they don't tighten. After you have bound of about an inch, pull on the edge you have already bound off and see if there's resistance or if you need to make them even looser.

2) K2, K2tog TBL, [K1, K2tog TBL on right needle] across.
3) YO from back to front, K1, slip YO over, YO, K1, 3 sts on RHN, Pass the two sts right over the left. Continue across.

4) Use a larger needle on the right side, for some this is all it takes.

5) K2tog TBL, sl st from RHN back to the LHN, continue across.

Some people like one technique over the other, everyone has their favorite. I'm sure there are many more,,, if you have a favorite that's not on here put it into the comments below to include it.


RHN Right Hand Needle K Knit K2tog Knit 2 together
LHN Left Hand Needle YO Yarn Over St Stitch(es)
TBL Through the Back Loop SL ST slip stitch

This copyrighted work is written and by Wendy McDonnell of for your own personal, non-commercial use and pleasure. It may not to be distributed, copied or published without prior written confirmation. You may not reproduce the work for distribution, sale, or any other purpose. Unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited.
Lebec, CA August 2012 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Yarn Fairy Color Changing Workshop

Love the color changing yarns?  
Love how they flow from one color into the next? 

           Hate the price tag?

Want to learn how to knit your solid, semi solid and multi colored yarns into gradient color changes?  I know how and we are having a FREE workshop to teach YOU howNo more do we have to drool over those very pricey yarns due to how much prep work goes into it. Now you work it up in your knitting!
     Saturday, September-1-2012 at 12 noon PST mark down the day and sign up now.  Join our Yahoo Group and sign up for the workshop.
     The best part about the workshop is it's FREE, the next best part is Christmas Gifts!!! YES! You can do as many or as few small projects as you wish and bring as many patterns to the party as you need. If you are more like me the fly by the seat type who can just work things up on the fly then it's totally unnecessary to have a pattern. I will be bringing in some lace charts for you to use.  If you would like you can put them into your bracelet, hair bands, cozy's and bags, or you can just swatch, play, chat and learn.
     During this workshop you will learn how to knit your OWN gradient long color changing yarn. NO it's not a dyeing class, although if there's interest we can do that again too. Rather this class will teach you how to make those long color changes with your own solid yarns you probably already own. The yarns don't have to be solid we could even work up semi solid or a multi which reads mostly one color. What I will teach you is how to work a long change in lace and a shorter one for worsted weight as they change a bit from the weight of the yarn. You will learn how to choose the yarn for your projects based on the look you want to achieve as well as what will and what wont work. You will learn about Hue, Tint and Shade and when to cross the lines to use them.

    These will be learning treats for you and they will be eye candy to your family. Depending on your yarn choices we can make:
I pod cozy
Coffee cozy
Small bags
     We can work in texture or we can work in a simple lace pattern. Think of all the gifts we can make just by having fun and hanging out for an hour!
     This technique is a great addition to any knitters tool box as at one time or another - we have all ran out of yarn. This is a great way of making do and it's the way I make all my changes now unless I'm making stripes where I desire the hard lines. This technique can be used to make long color change shawls out of your stash of sock yarn,,, yes partial balls to full skeins can and will be used by you and incorporated into any pattern you want to work from now on.  You should be able to pull yarn from your stash and leftovers as most of the items are so small. Oh and do remember BEADS while optional are lovely.  I love beaded bracelets.... they work great instead of swatches when you need to make a swatch for a project, just make it into a cozy instead of tossing it after the fact or piling them away - as I have done. ;-)  Think crystals, charms and gemstones here as well.

     Yes, I can see this technique is a very necessary tool for your knitters tool box.

     Sign up above then hang out in the Ravelry group for informational hand outs.  Here we will have a chat room and for those with web cams-via Google video chat! This way I can share what I've written out on the hand outs-in full living color so you can SEE what I mean not just the verbiage ;-) You do not have to do this to be part of the workshop, it will just make it easier for me to help you through the transitions if I can see what you are questioning. The visual learners will want to go with this option. If you don't have a web cam, check them out on Ebay as you can get one for as low as $5 it will do everything except take a good close up. Sign up for Google Plus and add me (Wendy McDonnell wmdress at to your circle of friends. If you need to buy a web cam you will want to do that now as the workshop is only 3 weeks away.
     Be sure you mark the day and come to the party, Saturday, September-1-2012 at 12 noon PST. Don't fret if you are not available at exactly that time we will record everything and make sure its all saved. We will be available, live, for one hour to ask questions you will need to be there.  Any chat and video chat will remain available so long as I learn the tech and it doesn't fail me. 
    I'm really looking forward to the class, as the teacher I will have to make several items using all different sizes of yarns and colors to show a wide variety of projects. Know what that means? I will be getting a jump on my Christmas knitting. You can too!
     After this workshop you will be able to knit your shawls from scraps of leftovers and what lovelies you will make!