Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sangria Set Up

The Sangria KAL started today and I wanted to share my shawl with  you.

This is the entire shawl through the set up.

 Here you can see the shape of the lace and below you can see the texture better.

I changed it up a bit by making it into a split up the center square instead of a triangle or a square in the round.  I have enough square shawls at this point but only a couple that are split up the front so I figured this would be the best shape for me.  AJ designed this shawl so that you can make as many repeats of the pattern as you desire but we only got the set up today so I have to wait till next week to work on it again.  Hopefully my life will settle down by then so I can keep up with this one. My Sands is lonely so I will work on that again until I can get back to my Sangria.  AND I figure if I go beyond the yardage due to too many repeats that I will use more of the 6/0 beads or just buy more of the 8/0's.  Then I have this lovely purple lace with hot pink blips that would work great on this color.  I always have more yarn.  ;-)

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  1. I just cast mine on as well & am about 1/2 way through the start up chart. Need to find my reading glasses though.