Sunday, July 8, 2012

Magnus and Tea

     Just saw our car pass by so the road has been opened and they are home, praise the Lord!  I'm not alone any longer and the smoke seems thinner.  Writing calms me down so I'm going to give you all a quick update on some new stuff going on.
     DD and I have contrived a new design for a patchwork sweater.  We are taking our idea from an episode of Sanctuary where Magnus is wearing this snuggly number.
     Normally her wardrobe is very high end and chic.  For this episode they have her in modern Suburbia as a painter in some great sweaters.  This one is done in bulky and I'm not overly fond of how primitive it is nor the chevrons nor the color so we will be changing it to suit our whims.  We have an entire tote full of hand spun and that seemed the general idea which came of looking at this bulky.  It's all blues of course with highlights of this and that color.  So far I have had a start of a 8 x 14 block that changed several times within the block and I'm not real pleased with it.  I will probably stick with just the blues since there are so many variants within them that clash.  I'd prefer a more understated snuggle myself.  
     Here's a pile of my hand spun and the beginning of the block I didn't like.  I don't like the orange so that got tossed.  The white is a mohair which I wanted for the halo but I don't like that it's white... might have to dye it on Tuesday.  The dark brown and the green was dumped as well.  Much of the yarn (top of the photo) is from two different roving's rather then many which made me think... dump the entire idea and make a sweater from just the two.  UGH!  What do you think?  
     We made a diagram which was easy enough to change to suit DD's smaller frame.  She's going with light blues while I have darker ones.
     Also I wanted to share our tea cup collection which we get out when we are having our little tea parties.
I have been collecting them for many years now with the first one coming from my most beloved Bible School teacher in a swap.  Others I have picked up here and there from thrift stores, gift shops, Highland games and the like.  Each has a special memory or event attached to it so when one breaks it hurts a bit as if I'd stepped on a shard bare foot.  Needless to say we try really hard not to break them.
     The peach tree this year is BANG A RANG!  First there was a freeze so we put a plastic sheet on it... then we didn't take the sheet off in time for the wind to come.  The hurricane force gales just about took off the roof, we have CRAZY wind here.  All of this nature did the thinning for us this year.  I'm really bad about thinning, I hate wasting 75% of the peaches.  I know it's necessary to get larger fruit but come on! It's really hard for this old gal to take off those blooms.  What did we end up with?

Large, lovely, lushious looking peaches!  We have the bird net over it which is cinched at the bottom and then theirs all this de-bugger stuff on the soil.  Not something I like but in years past we lost them over night to either beetles or ants.  They are still growing!  We have a hose dripping on to them 24/7 now so hopefully soon we will have tree ripened peaches!!  I can't wait.
     While I was outside taking photos of the peach tree, this crazy, wild bird attacked me.  LilBooger!  He spurred my shin and cut it up pretty good.  Teach me to go out on his turf.  Normally I'm watchful but I'm afraid the star thistle caught my attention and I pulled up a few of them.  I had my back to him and was half my normal short height, so he attacked.  Has some fierce spurs on him, really long and wicked!
     Let me quickly get you up to date on my Tour De Fleece spinning.  The info is on the photos. 

   How about using some of our Tour De Fleece long strand home spun on a wee abbreviation of a poncho?  Perhaps a Navajo ply on a long strand 4 oz braid?  Worsted weight - bulky would be great.  Gradient such as Noro and Kauni make?  I believe this photo is of a stole but I would rather it was a circle that could just slip over the head.  How about a large hood on the back?  Pockets on the front?  What do you think?

That gets you caught up to today.  Still need to do my spinning, watch the Tour and get it posted by midnight.  Meanwhile it looks as if they have the fire contained.  Prayerfully it will be the only one for this canyon this year.

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