Thursday, July 5, 2012

July Dye Day

Along with all of the Sands of Time, camel, Azalea, Emerald Isle and Silken Web we will be dyeing through several other places where we are going off into unknown territory! "To go boldly where no man has gone before!"  A good friend wants me to try my hand at a long strand so that will hit the Inkle board as a wrap as well as a list of items.
In celebration of Shadow of the Night hitting here soon... I'm delving back into my Deb Harkness dyeing with a few new ones from:
 Sept Tours
  1. "Chateau" done on lace in pink, beige and gray, this will be a light colored yarn which will look smashing on my Pixie Paca and will make a lovely lace shawl.
  2. "Vineyard" will explore both the ground, grapes, vines and leaves with all shades therein and be a hand paint on sock yarn.
While we are on ADOW we must talk about Diana's costume at the end of the book.  Her stockings were red and white, candy cane stripes, I didn't like them either.  She tossed them and UGHed them, didn't want them on, I totally agree.  Then I became intrigued, while she might have despised those I believe done right she would have loved them.  For me it's periwinkle and deep emerald green!  Striped all the way up so 2 skeins of sock yarn in semi solid coming right up.  That will be my late night reading knitting.  STOCKINGS!  LOVE them and I'm getting to the point where I really make them well.  I make ones that stay up with a vengeance.  I could help you with yours if you like.  Perhaps a short book of what works and what doesn't work? If you are on board PM me.

     Peacock is a must for dye day, I will be doing this hand paint on a worsted for my autumnal sweater this year.  Think teal, turquoise, purple, royal, bright blue, black and emerald... possibly a hint of bronze.  She will also appear in a sock yarn.

50 Shades has made an appearance and will hit in two different sock weights.  One will be a dip dye going through all shades of gray.  The other will be done in Meldy Deep method for all those shades to be present.  Both will have blips of red and black.  Both will also start and end with a few inches of red at the tails.  Which will be a perfect start for toe up socks.
     This leads me into my next item which is pattern support for 50 Shades.  Lovely socks and gauntlets with a black or red satin ribbon to lace them up.  Along these lines.
The cute ribbon would be made of satin and be in your choice of red or black though.  The color of the socks themselves would be overall gray in the Meldy or go in and out of light and dark puddling with a dip dye.  Fun right!  The gauntlets will do the same but have less shaping as you can get away with just a tube for those.  If there's enough interest I will make up the patterns for you.  Let's chat on the Yahoo Group.  The other thing that we will be playing with is ROVING!  All of this TDF spinning has shown me one thing, while I have a ton of plain white roving I don't have much lovely little prettys!  So we have devised a method of making a long strand roving that we believe will work.  We will be trying out hand at it next week I CANT WAIT.

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