Monday, June 18, 2012

WendyMcD's Recipes -Natural replacements for poisonous products

We are off of most hygiene products due to the ill effects from the poisonous ingredients, SSS [sodium sulfides], SSC or SSL in shampoo, aluminum in deodorant, all petroleum products in everything etc.  A quick search will show why we have gone natural, the recipes below will save you tons of money over a year. 
  I assume this is very like what was used before the pastes came on the market years ago. We got off of pastes when we found out how much poison resides in them. 
WendyMcD's Tooth Powder
Makes 1 cup
3/4 C baking powder
1/4 C good salt
20 drops tea tree oil
Oils to taste, I use:
10 drops of clove oil
10 drops wintergreen oil
Don't like mint? Try dropping the above and use:
20 drops of orange oil
In a bowl combine all ingredients, mix well, store in air tight container like small canning jar. To use, wet brush, dip into powder, using ONLY vertical strokes (never horizontal or you will get gouges at the gum line) clean teeth well.
Oil=Essential Oil, food grade
WendyMcD's All Purpose Cleaner
Tear a bunch of old t-shirts up, flannels, any cotton products which would make a good cleaning rag, make into a square who's size you like for cleaning.  Fold and make into a stack. Get a water proof container like Tupperware, something you don't mind never using again. Fill half way with water then add:
 20 drops tea tree oil
10 drops rosemary oil
10 drops eucalyptus oil
10 drops lavender oil
Mix well, immediately add stack of home made wipes and flip them after submerging. The liquids will permeate and then drip down to cover all wipes. Use on all bath surfaces, kitchen counters, granite shouldn't have oils on it so test first. We have a bowl in each bath room.
WendyMcD's Floor Cleaner
Fill spray bottle 3/4th full of water add:
 20 drops tea tree oil
10 drops rosemary oil
10 drops eucalyptus oil
10 drops lavender oil-or other scent you enjoy
Shake well. Using a flat head mop with washable covers, spray floor, wipe clean. Replace covers every five square foot or so. Fast, easy, efficient. W
e made washable covers for the flat head mop with old towels and elastic to hold it on the rectangular mop head. Lay mop over towel, cut to over lap top of mop on 2 sides only, sew 1" elastic on either side of the stick to hold over head. Make sure you zig zag edges so you don't get terry cuttings all over. Washing once will remove any excess.
  If you are currently using one of the Swiffer type mops those pads will cost you a small fortune over a short amount of time.  Not to mention the floor cleaner product which polutes your O2. Since mine are washable there's money saved, not just the cleaning products themselves but in all of the paper products that come with all those cleaners.  
  We also use hand crocheted hankies (anybody want one? ;-)) and cloth napkins. We buy natural products from I-Herb  use code WEN537 for a discount. I love their Oh Baby shampoo, look for soaps and shampoo without the SS in them or get bar soap type shampoo. They have less lather but you aren't polluting your body. For deodorant try their crystals.  Even here you will find SSS in some of the products under the guise of SSC or SSL, research everything carefully.
  Replacing our cleaning and hygiene products happened over a period of time, not overnight, gradual replacement seems to be the one that sticks the longest.  As with anything, test in an inconspicuous place, I'm a fellow traveler, not an expert. Peace be the journey [Cool Runnings]

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