Monday, June 4, 2012


DH left on work for the week now we have our small family unit here.  Mom, bless her heart, felt bad for me, I tried to hold it all together but when I realized that I didn't even get to say good by to him today I was heart broken.  So to perk me up she made me one of her best dishes, pork loin with roasted potatoes and onions!  It was sooooooo great!!  The pups are lounging in comfort after they had their little plates full! ;-)  We all wanted a nap but instead cleaned up and then went stash diving!!!

DD and I raided the SABLE!   Not to say that my Swappee is getting ALL of this and remember there are TWO boxes coming out of this house and this doesn't count as $$'s towards the minimum fee amount... least I don't count it as it's free to me.  ;-)  My Swappee is soooooo spoiled rotten and it's cause I LOVE to give.  Gifting is just another way to say I love you.   ;-)  Yes that is indeed a Pixie Pace in the mix as well as some hemp, some cashmere merino and some Fae goodies.  I can't seem to spin anything but Pacard "Energize!" on my Babe! WAAA and I need to learn how to spin soft before the end of the month for Tour De France!  Right away quick like a bunny.  So some of the fiber here will go towards learning how NOT to spin highly energized yarn!  Which while that's great for a market bag I'm not making a market bag!!! Rather two sweaters! 
Also I got my Kaleidoscope bulls eye batt!  I'm so excited!  That undyed cone of lace will be the core which will make a long strand yarn.  I will work this up on the Rose so that I can get really great, soft results I will.

The thing about my beloved going away is that in 17 almost 18 years of marriage we were only apart at night for my being in the hospital (too many times to count) and the one time he went away overnight (two?) for his brothers marriage.   Thing about the hospital is he still brought the children to visit me and made a daily trip even with all the added work on his shoulders.  Now I flat out wont see him till Thursday night late.  This work he's doing now  -  is either going to become permanent and we will adjust - or not, I guess.  Thing is we can really use the money and he's getting a nice fat pay raise, without which we may lose the house.  So please pray that 1) he get's this job and 2) that we can adjust to him being away from home M-Thursday nights all week long.  He would be gone on Friday but at least he will come home early and well you know what they say.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder, not sure how I could love him more but hey, anything's possible in my world.  So I'm really looking forward to Thursday night BIG TIME!

Meanwhile back on the ranch (literally!)  I finished my little Fae's outfit.  She's got a beaded bodice and a multi colored tiered, chiffon skirt, LOVE IT!  Top left corner of this photo... has her hair, HOPEFULLY!  I don't seem to have anything better so I'm going with a zig zag fine thread yarn in pink and yellow which is the color of her outfit.  I also brought in some lime green fun fur for a shawl for her but it's looking a bit large to me.  Well see.  Then I just need to figure out her face and I'm done.  ;-)  The pattern is coming right along.  Comment if you are needing more info now otherwise I'm going to wait and post it altogether.

Hope you all are having a great day, I'm off to spin and try to relax and be happy.  ;-)

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