Friday, June 1, 2012

Swappee's shawl and another FO

I have been a busy little bee of late.  Recently finish the Knit Me Happy Shawl so here's a peek at the REVERSE side for you which DD says is really popular these days!  Kids, who knew!  I love this shawl!
 Last month I finished a pair of summer socks in bamboo for my DS to wear with all his pants to church.  They should get some good wear.  I wanted to show them on the cutting table so you could see how large these socks are.

By now you all know that I HAD to c/o Scary Sisters!  I couldn't NOT c/o!  I love this yarn.  Bad photo, so not the correct color but they are OTN for night time reading.  Happy camper.  I got the news today that DH is going to have a new work schedule.  He's going to be gone nights during the week so you might just see a great deal of work coming outta me shortly.  You only THINK I knit a lot now!  Just you wait and see what happens next!

My Swappee is getting a MASSIVE box!  I can't wait to take a photo of that with like something in the frame for reference.  One item is this lovely emerald shawl!  I used up almost all the 800 yards for this puppy and I know my Swappee is going to love it!  I changed the pattern so much that it's totally different now.  I will be loading more photos on my Ravelry so that you all can see my ending.  LOVE IT!
Have you ever seen the food show Chopped?  Well I'm in a contest with fabric instead.  I'm to make something with all these goodies, every one has to be used.  I can't add fabric so will be making some.  I have a great idea and think it will be smashing.  More photos as I'm allowed to release them.  There will be voting and eliminations and prizes!  Fun! 

Now, what are you doing  here?  Go knit!  CRACK! {yes that was my whip!}

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