Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sock Balls

Fun!  Today I have some long color changing yarn balls to share with you.  I had fun making these up for you.  I didn't have as much green as I thought I did as I used it up on my Queen Anne's Lace afghan I made this past year.  These balls all come in a set of two and are about 400 yards total, 200 yards each ball and one set will make up a pair of adult socks. You could start one sock from one end and one sock from the other and have two socks that only match at the ankles, FUN!

A greens with a bit of purple SOLD but I can replicate this or make another similar this was light on the purple.

When I'm an old lady I shall wear purple and PINK! instead of red.

This one is turquoise which I have so much of.  I could add purple to this easily or do an all purple one with ease.

The last two are VERY special ones that I want to share with you.  I did a test knit of a shawl which ended up on the cat walk at STITCHES WEST!!!  Did you know that?
For the large size I had to cast on like 2000 stitches or some such crazy amount.  Then the finished product hung onto the floor.  This is what it looked like BEFORE I fixed the pattern.  From working the pattern exactly as it was written this was the garment, blocked.
I re-wrote the large size pattern for the designer and was supposed to get credit for it - but hey - the knitting industry isn't always the safest place which is why I like to work alone now.  Anyway this shawl has so much history, which makes it even more special so I thought some of you might like balls from the actual shawl that was on the Catwalk.  There are two sets available.  One I call Teal on the right, burgundy brown on the left.  Each set has 10 different yarns in each ball.   PM me to place an order or just send the funds to wmdress@sbcglobal.net to be assured you will get the one you want.  They are $35 per set plus $3.00 for shipping in the USA.



  1. How do you even COUNT to 2000 stitches to cast on! That's crazy! But the finished (reworked) project is stunning.

  2. Yes! It's just like eating an elephant, ONE bite at a time. I used stitch markers every 25 sts, then a larger one when I hit 100 and it wasn't a big deal. It's all just knitting.