Monday, June 11, 2012

Sands of Time KAL

Well Kiddies, I just can't NOT work! :-)  As you full well know.  So we have a summer KAL, YIPEEE!  If life wasn't so chock full of inspiration I'd be safe.  What started as a Peacock turned into the Sands of Time as I realized that Peacock was the color and not the theme.  I LOVE this shawl, it's gorgeous!  
      What we have is a fully shaped Faroese shawl using about 1000 yards of fingering weight yarn.  Since the yarn was hand made by me, there's not really any yarn support that said I will "unofficially" dye up 2 skeins of my Fairy Sock Deluxe for you (770 yards, $33 each) OR 3 skeins of my Fairy Sock (which has 400 yards, $20 each skein).  Either can be done in my Sands of Time colors which are royal shot with turquoise and Golden sand which are taken from this photo.  Or any other colors of your choosing.
     How about ONE of the Peacock colors?
     From the center out, Black, Teal, Aqua, Turquoise, Royal, Violet.  I can't make a long strand but you could stripe your shawl using 3 different colors.  Then work gradient color change through the shawl to make the colors blend better.  The KAL will run over the summer after the KMH KAL has finished.  This is a fee shawl pattern and can be purchased here.  Each clue will come out as a pattern update.  I believe you can order it even if you aren't on Ravelry,,, BUT if you aren't on... why?  I love it there.  
     See you in the KAL on my Groups.  There's a Yahoo Group and a Ravelry Group.  ENJOY!

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