Saturday, June 9, 2012

Peacock Shawl

For the longest time I have wanted to make my own Peacock shawl pattern.  I have seen it in cable and lace for like YEARS!  Remember the Kaleidoscope Batt I scored from the Loop?  Well it's spun!  I haven't been able to share the yarn as the colors will not come true for me.
On the left is the photo from the Loop and on the right is the yarn I had to doctor to get the color to come close.  I core spun it gently for a long strand yarn.  There's about 1000 yards of a heavy fingering weight yarn that came from of that 5 ounce batt!  I LOVE IT!  I love long strand and these colors are SO ME!  and so VERY PEACOCK!  The pattern will come together quickly so I will need a test knitter soon.  Please PM me if you are interested in tackling this baby.  It's a love child.

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