Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New pattern BSG!

Well Kiddies, you knew I couldn't hold out forever right?  All Battlestar Gallactica knitting fans unite!  We have lift off!  
    There's a new pattern coming out of my needles and it's called Cylon Sharon Lace Top.  So far it's just one size but I MIGHT be able to make some changes as there is a bit of something that can be done.  I have never done sizes before, steered totally clear of them BUT this one might just make it simple to make adjustments and so they might be made.
This little top is worked in my lace weight hand paint yarn.

A lovely lace lozenge worked into a lace pattern for the length which ends with a bang!  A pretty delicate knit which will make you look good and feel better.  We are headed into testing this puppy so if you are interested in helping, e-mail me.  We specifically need larger women who would like to test the possibility of upper sizes for us.

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