Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mini Skeins

Mini skeins are great, right!  I love them.  You can use them for a striped pair of gloves, socks, the BeeKeepers quilt just about anything that requires multiple colors of fingering weight yarn.

Instead of making the BeeKeeper quilt I designed my own cause I have to be different.  ;-)  I call it my Octighan as I'm using octagons and tiny squares to piece it together.  I got to wondering if you all can find mini skeins for a good price so I went looking.  What I found was pretty discouraging.  On Etsy I found 5 - 12 skeins of 20-25 yards each for $10-20!  Crazy man!   So I thought I would like to offer you double the length (40 yards) for only $2.00 per skein.  You know me it's all about getting you what you need and want at the best price I can.  I have 1,000's of skeins of yarn to choose from.  Here's a small smattering of just a nibble into the stock.
   This is all from a wide variety of yarns which all have one thing in common, they are sock yarns.  The base is all merino/nylon super wash but with some interesting twists, silk, bamboo, cashmere, tencel you get the picture.  I can't label them with content as I'm not sure any more which is which but they are all super wash fingering.  The above kit would be requested by asking for blue variegated.  With the exception of 2nd skein from the left -green and last skein on the right-purple.  You wouldn't get those when requesting all blue. WOW it worked!  I LOVE IT!
   Put up in 40 yard skeins they will make 3 puff's each, which is great for swapping!  One for you and two for swap partners.  Or as I said before, they can be used in multitude of projects.  Can't you see a pair of socks from the above blues?  10 skeins x 40 yards each will net you a pair of adult sized socks.  Using gradient color changing techniques and it will look like a blended long strand.  If you'd like your yarn for socks I can make loose square knots and make the yarn into a cake instead of skeins.  If you knit from the beginning and end of the skein you'd have two exactly opposite socks COOL!  Gee, I might have to make me a pair!  HEY, we could do a KAL and pop in some cables or all do a certain pattern, oh man "T"rouble, right!
    The above set is heavy on the brown with blue, purple, red and orange tossed it.  Add purple and green to replace two of the browns and you would have a bit of a rainbow.  Got a color you despise?  Put that into the "Notes" below for your order.  We can make you sets of one color with many variations in the set OR a rainbow with only one of each color of the rainbow in it. 
Skies the limit! We can make solid/semi solid sets or we can make your kit from variegated colors.  

 Write me with any questions or just place an order in the comments of paypal.  This is the information I will need you to complete, copy and paste into comments.

Quantity of 40 yard skeins at $2.00 each _
Quantity of 30 yard skeins at $1.85 each _
Quantity of 20 yard skeins at $1.75 each _
Variegated, solid or both _
Each a different color of the rainbow (y/n) _
Or all the same color (name of color) _
Or all in several colors (name of colors) _
Notes-(anything else I need to know)  _
    Each kit will be made to order so I can do anything you wish!  Your wish is my command, I love to please.  We can set up your kit with skeins of a different yardage if you wish. More or less yards and a the price is adjusted accordingly.  Standard order procedure, copy the above text, fill it in and pop it into the comments at paypal to e-mail, click GOODS add $3.00 shipping in the USA, $5.00 Can/Mexico and $7.00 for International.  Any questions just pop me an e-mail, LETS PLAY!

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