Friday, June 1, 2012

Land of the Fae weekend

Yup an entire weekend is going to be devoted to crocheting up my Fae!  Come,,, fly along with me!! 

I amigarumi design on the fly and I have made many items that I just set down and crochet up. I don't like the thought of trying to write a pattern down, I dread that!! Instead I will have a photo-a-long for you as my Fae comes into being.  I will work it up and share since I want to gift it to you all so badly.
If I can't find an artist to draw my beloved Fae then I will need to create my own forest of the Fae.  Our dear Yarn Fairy will be photoed flying through a mini forest. ;-)  YIPEEEEE I was thinking of dressing them in different chiffons and glittering their wings, the WHOLE NINE YARDS!!!  
We are compiling a list of Fairy Names so we have names and setting for them all as well. After you generat your name add it to the database on our group.  As you are working take photos and load them here.  Create an album with your name and load at will.  Put photos of an issues you are having a post to the list for us to iron out the wrinkles.

So far I have a bunch of references to names authors have given to different Fae but I want more! I think Pippa Ballentine did a bang up job and I might have to go re-read her book Chasing the Bard. Once upon a time she had a list of all the Fae names and people were claiming them but I can't find that old post anywhere.  So I have written to her requesting that list as well as an autographed copy! ;-)  Hope that can be done as I ADORE this gal.  Originally I found her on Podio, she's got a lovely recording voice and has her books on there for free!  She's awesome did I already relay that? ;-)
Meanwhile we need the FAE!!!  Gather your supplies and lets craft!
You will need...
Undyed yarn for body
Size 10 hook or 0 needles -tiny to make small stiches that will not distract or have stuffing     
       coming out from between the stitches.  Trust me, you want small tools for this.
Blusher for coloring face
Fine marker for face details or embroidery items 
Wire for bending (optional)
Poly Pellets (optional)
Petal fabric or yarn the color of your outfit
Chifon and fine wire for wings
Glitter glue (or glitter and glue) for details on wings
Yarn hair or doll curls or mohair type locks
Fish wire to hang (optional)
With the undyed and hook/needle of your choosing you need to make 2 tubes the size of your pinky. Work up gradually (feet smaller) to 10 +/- sts around. I cord works great here. Make the legs the same length as your pinky.  AT THE SAME TIME as you work up, insert poly pellets into feet, add wire and stuff lightly.  It might be too difficult to stuff these tiny items after the fact.  Gather knees or just tack a stitch through them. Lightly stuff and leave a length of yarn at the body end-leave open to stitch to the body. Adding wire will make your Fae pose able which is ALWAYS a good thing, especially if you got a planter with furniture!
Make 2 about 1/4th an inch shorter then the leg - same directions. Gather or tack at elbows.  Elbows look really cute with a dimple so tack towards the body instead of across the arm.

Body is just the width of two of your ring fingers side by side and just a bit longer then the legs, head should be about the size of your thumb. Waist shaping encouraged!  
Post photos of your Fae on the Yahoo Group.

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