Friday, June 1, 2012

Land of the Fae, LEGS!

One of my favorite songs is LEGS by Art of Noise which plays here on my Playlist.

.... a beginning....
 A smattering of supplies... silk ribbon roses in three sizes from very tiny to dollar sized, tiny sea shells and rick rack in a wide variety of colors.

 Glue gun,
rabbit fur,
satin rat tail, strand of tiny pearls.  A little hand painted leather bag, clear AB sequins and some permanent markers with very fine tips.

 Silk ribbon and gold shot fine cotton for embroidery, glitter in many colors and textures.  Snowflake sequins, a roll of tulle, will be pulling a fine chiffon as that will be more pliable.  Small roll of white cluny lace and a piece of embroidered collar.

 Box packed full of lace trims and appliques, bunch of rat tails.

It begins.....
With poly pellets, wire pipe cleaners, undyed fingering weight yarn, size 10 crochet hook and a wee foot!  ;-)  I really HAVE to put the pellets and wire in now as it's already too fine to go back into so I will be stuffing as I go.  

A stuffing we will go,
A stuffing we will go,
Heigh ho the merry O 
A stuffing we will go!  

Come along with me!  

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