Sunday, June 3, 2012

Land of the Fae Body Finishing

After working on this all weekend I ended up just writing the pattern all up so eventually we will have a nice little pattern.  I will need a test knitter and a test crocheter so that we can make it available to the world.  She's so awesome I couldn't limit her flight.  :-)

With the undyed yarn and hook/needle of your choosing, make 2 tubes the size, width and length of your pinky.
SC=Single Crochet, Interchangeable with K1 = Knit one.
Rnd 1: Chain 2 then SC into 1st st 6 times, 6 sts. (c/o 6 sts with circular c/o)
Rnd 2: SC 2 inc repeat, 8 sts.
Rnd 3: Inc, SC 4, Inc, SC 4, 10 sts.
Rnd 4: SC 4 Dec, SC DC, SC1, 8 sts. Ankle
Rnd 5: Work around until 2 inches long.

AT THE SAME TIME as you work up, insert poly pellets into feet, add wire and stuff lightly. Use a pencil to pack your pellets (tiny bean, 6/0 bead or rice). Make a loop at the end of your pipe cleaner (wire) before inserting so that it doesn't poke out. Try curling around your hook/needle. Leave wire long and hanging out to feed up through the body and out the arms. It might be too difficult to stuff these tiny items after the fact. Gather knees or just tack a stitch through them to dimple. Lightly stuff and leave a length of yarn at the body end. Omit stuffing at ankle and knee for more flexibility. Leave leg open to stitch to the body. Adding wire will make your Fae pose able which is ALWAYS a good thing, especially if you have a tiny forest with furniture! Follow link for a the perfect habitat complete with furniture.

Make 2, same directions but make hands smaller and shorter then feet. If you choose not to decrease and increase a simple gather or tack for wrists will suffice. Gather or tack at elbows. Elbows look really cute with a dimple so tack towards the body instead of across the arm. Do not stuff at wrist and elbow for more flexibility.

Body is just the width of two of your ring fingers side by side and just a bit longer then the legs, head should be about the size of your thumb. Waist shaping encouraged!
Chain 10 (front), chain 2 (side), chain 10 (back), chain 2 (side). Join in the round without twisting, place marker. If working in Knit, c/o 24 sts.
SC around for a total of ¾ an inch.

Waist shaping Terms SC & K substituted with the word WORK to make it simpler. For knitting, make ssk on right and k2tog on left side of front and back.
Beginning from marker:
Rnd 1: Dec, work 6 Dec, work 2, rpt, 20 sts.
Rnd 2: Dec, work 4, Dec, work 2, rpt, 16 sts.
Rnd 3: Work around plain
Rnd 4: Inc, work 4, Inc, work 2, rpt, 20 sts
Rnd 5: Inc, work 6, Inc, work 2, rpt, 24 sts
Work plain for 3/4th and inch past waist shaping and 1.5” overall

Chest Shaping
Beginning from marker and just working on front:
Rnd 1: Work 8, ch1 (skip for knit), turn
Rnd 2: Work 8, ch 1 turn,
Return to work in the round pick up a st to close the hold at each side of the chest, work it off with the next st. Example: work 8, pick up st on side, k2tog (dec) with next st.
Work 4 rounds.

Rnd 1: Work 12, turn
flatten work completely to bind off.
Rnd 2: sl st through back and front and back of work or 3 needle b/o 3 sts. Work 4 sts, b/o last 3 sts or sl st them off.
Break yarn, attach to front right which has now only 4 sts on the front and back.

Rnd 1: Work 4 sts, pick up one at shoulder, rpt., 10 sts.
Rnd 2: work around

Rnd 1: Inc 1 st in each of the 4 front sts, 14 sts.
Rnd 2: Work around.
Rnd 3: Inc, work 1, inc, work rest around. 16 sts
Rnd 4: Work 2, Dec, rpt, work rest around. 14 sts
Rnd 5: Work around.
Rnd 6: Work 2, Dec, work 1, Dec, work 4, Dec, work 11, sts
Rnd 7: Dec every st,
Cut thread, slip through remaining sts, cinch tight.

Putting it all together
Stuff head, shape face as desired with both stuffing needle and thread.
Separate sts on either side of body just below the shoulders, feed wire through and into arms, be sure and twist the wire twice inside the body before feeding through. Stuff arms lightly. When satisfied with the way everything looks whip arms onto body. Stuff body, tack crotch and sew on legs.


Due to the fact that I only had 30 guage wire on hand I twisted it to make it thicker. You need 4 loops in the size you desire for your Fae's wings. I'm not going to give you this number as I would really like you to make them yourself to personalize your fairy.

When you have the frame done, cut a piece of chiffon our for each piece and hot glue in place. You just want to tack it down for sewing, be careful not to burn yourself. I placed the chiffon on the inside of a tin lid, used my stiletto to hold the wire down while it glued and tacked in 5 places. When the glue cools slightly fold chiffon over and then tack in 5 more places to hem. Later we will add trim to cover. Alternately you could sew up double sided oval slip covers and slip them onto the frame which will cover both sides. Since I'm doing beading finishing, there's no need.

Next I'm making clothing and here are my chiffons already hemmed!

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