Monday, June 25, 2012

First Yarn Fairy Swap

   WOW my partner Kat really outdid herself!  Wouldn't you say! 
    Clockwise from the center top, shawl with a story for the beads which are in line with Psalm 23, our family favorite.  Since we have a great questionnaire she knew I love fairies, butterflies and all things stationary so there are several different sets of stickers, beads, sequins and feathers.
   The lovely peacock is an address book, box of cards with envelops, a note pad and those angels (DH calls me Angel) are a box that holds soap... see how they all match! 
    Size 6 needles for my KP Interchangables as we can never find size 6, 2 batts 4 oz each, LOVELY colors- so me!  Peacock note pad with an M and a fairy door!!!!  Of all things! A Fairy DOOR! The other Pixies will be able to find us now.  Not seen is the necklace I'm wearing of a TREE!  Hand made from Etsy!  I can't believe all the special to me stuff in here... like specific to me... like MADE for me!  CRAZY she nailed me better then I would have.
     I saved the best for last, in the center to the right of the needles just below the tea bags... see the scent bottle?  WELL! That's special! This one really FABULOUS gift that stands out so far above the rest I almost cried!  18 years ago yesterday DH and I were wed.  Back then Victoria Secrets had a scent called Peach & Hyacinth, well they don't make that any more.  I wore that scent when we were wed so now that I only have a tiny bit left I use it only for very special occasions, like our anniversary.  Yesterday I put it on and DH took me out to dinner.  My gift to him was to wear a tiny bit of the small amount I have left.  I pretty much sat in his lap during dinner as we are never alone and the waiter busted us when he came to take our order while DH was enjoying his present.  Ahem, yeah.  So awkward! but it was such a special day.  We were alone all afternoon and night and we were like kids again.  We did things we never get to do what with having a medium sized family and never getting to spend time alone.  So this scent, KAT SENT ME SOME!  She got it from Pacific Scentworks where you can get rare and hard to find fragrance stuff.  WOW blown away, I had NO idea you could get stuff special like this!


And I will leave you with a completed project, my knee highs I made from Scary Sisters!  YUM

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  1. Aw... what a nice story! Lovely giftees, too. Your socks are lovely! They'll be perfect for the cooler weather once summer has passed!