Friday, June 8, 2012

Sceptered Isle Colorway

Going a little gaga!  Mario just published Sceptered Isles on Ravelry and I have been going nuts ever since. 
I can SO see this in my new camel yarn which is 50/50 camel/silk and is the softest thing I have ever felt.  Thinking that the blue of the sea isn't where I want to go.  I see it more in the greens of the Isle... the little flower on the hill here is in the shawl pattern!
The rose named after the Isle who's color might have come from the above flower.
I believe this olive, lime and emerald might be my ticket.  Deep colors, not light.

Yes that's better, deep dark of the trees and hedgerows.  Can you see it with me?  End of next week there will be a photo of the yarn but I will not dye again for at least a month. AND there will be no more camel by then either.... BUT I have camel now and I can so see this yarn!  I will work on the camel in my Meldy Deep technique to weave all three of these greens into a tapestry which will glide off of your needles to make a VERY special shawl!  Deep dark triad of greens.  

There are only 6 skeins of my camel left but this can be done on Fairy super wash lace which has the same yardage and is only $25.00, add shipping of $3.00 in the USA, $6 to Mex/Can and $8.00 International.

BUT only the first 6 to order the camel get it!! to click GOODS Camel is $55.00 add above shipping. Add your order text to comments.  
For example:
  Camel in Sceptered Isle colorway $55.00
  International Shipping $8.00
  Total $63.00

Any question's please contact me.

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