Sunday, June 17, 2012

Color Changing Socks

   I love my new socks!  Course I love all my socks any which way, OTN, OffTN, in the sock drawer, designed or gifted... they are all my favorites.
  Today we have my Color Changing Socks... they went from this:
 To this:
  How come I'm not done yet?  LOL!! Cause I'm doing them 2 at a time of course!  This is the center of the ball and I thought about doing one from the center and one from the outside so I'd have two different socks but wasn't feeling it so I kept them both dark on the instep.  See the center of the ball above?  That's the toes.  LOVE THEM!  Not like,,,, LOVE!
  This photo shows 4 color changes of 8 yards each.  I have a total of 8 more to go.  This could get CRAZY if you are really into placing things EXACTLY duplicate.  I find myself winding some off of one sock to make them hit identically for each sock.  Or so that the change happens on the foot.  Yeah NUTTER, big time!  But it's so much fun and so addicting to get to the next change and still TV knitting.  How cool is that!
  You can see from the ball that I'm headed for my last heavy purple color and will be heading gradually into the blues now.  SKQWEEEEEEEEE!!!  I'm going to do Cat Bordhi's Sweet Tomato heels again as I really love the feel of my socks even more since I found her heel.
  Want your own but don't have enough to make the change flow?  I will be happy to make some for you.  The socks I'm making have 12 different colors in 2 different balls. I can for sure do any combination of:
  I have less of the following but possibly I can add:
  We have a lot of blue/red which could make a blue go into red and back out again.
I have less of the bottom colors and so many of the top that I know I can make many out of variations of the top colors.   Mine has only two colors and go from turquoise to violet very subtly. Want one color? No problem I have enough different variety of each of the top list to make them. I don't recommend more then 2-3 colors as you want to have a nice blend from one to the next.
  What you will end up with is 2 skeins of yarn, there will be either 12 or 10 different colors, depends on how many knots you want to deal with. Each will total up to about 400 +/- yards/3.5 ounces of all different types of super wash yarns. Enough to make a pair of adult sized socks. By "types" I mean fibers, tencel, bamboo, cashmere, merino base on all and since they are super wash the type of fiber will not matter as they will all wash the same. Just $35 per pair, interested? 
  Want knee highs? Full stockings? Want a shawl instead with more yardage? It can be done at any yardage you desire, just an additional $12 per 100 yards.
 You know the drill, paypal to click goods, scroll down for the comments, copy and paste this with your information added to it. Add shipping $3.00 USA, $5.00 Mex/Can, $7.00 International.

 Color changing socks $35
  10 changes at 9 yards each __
  12 changes at 8 yards each __
  color 1__
  color 2__ omit?
  color 3__ omit?
Additional yardage
 add 100 yds for a total of 500 $45
 add 200 yds for a total of 600 $55
 add 300 yds for a total of 700 $65
Can go in and out of colors more frequently then 3 with a more abrupt change. y/n
Additional info?

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