Saturday, June 9, 2012

Camel yarn

Well kiddies the camel is going fast!  We had a request for the flower on the hillside so a new color was born.  This is the inspiration photo.
We are calling this color Azalea pink, bit of fuchsia, lilac sparingly and light violet, possibly a few more colors will be used to make this lovely flower.  It will be done in our Meldy Deep technique and can be done on any super wash yarn.  
      High end stitch markers were a must to match up with this lovely camel/silk yarn.  The answer, amethysts of course! We have them ranging from 1/2-3/4" in size and are making them up with either lobster claws or key ring loops.  Same pricing as the semi-precious stones so you can order those in the quantity you need and then put into the comments you would like the amethysts or just e-mail me for aide.  Or what about some Jade?  We also have a pink rock which might be rose quartz... it's a bit larger coming in at about 1 inch.
    If you are interested do order soon as we are breaking for a bit after this weeks session.

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