Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New pattern BSG!

Well Kiddies, you knew I couldn't hold out forever right?  All Battlestar Gallactica knitting fans unite!  We have lift off!  
    There's a new pattern coming out of my needles and it's called Cylon Sharon Lace Top.  So far it's just one size but I MIGHT be able to make some changes as there is a bit of something that can be done.  I have never done sizes before, steered totally clear of them BUT this one might just make it simple to make adjustments and so they might be made.
This little top is worked in my lace weight hand paint yarn.

A lovely lace lozenge worked into a lace pattern for the length which ends with a bang!  A pretty delicate knit which will make you look good and feel better.  We are headed into testing this puppy so if you are interested in helping, e-mail me.  We specifically need larger women who would like to test the possibility of upper sizes for us.

Monday, June 25, 2012

First Yarn Fairy Swap

   WOW my partner Kat really outdid herself!  Wouldn't you say! 
    Clockwise from the center top, shawl with a story for the beads which are in line with Psalm 23, our family favorite.  Since we have a great questionnaire she knew I love fairies, butterflies and all things stationary so there are several different sets of stickers, beads, sequins and feathers.
   The lovely peacock is an address book, box of cards with envelops, a note pad and those angels (DH calls me Angel) are a box that holds soap... see how they all match! 
    Size 6 needles for my KP Interchangables as we can never find size 6, 2 batts 4 oz each, LOVELY colors- so me!  Peacock note pad with an M and a fairy door!!!!  Of all things! A Fairy DOOR! The other Pixies will be able to find us now.  Not seen is the necklace I'm wearing of a TREE!  Hand made from Etsy!  I can't believe all the special to me stuff in here... like specific to me... like MADE for me!  CRAZY she nailed me better then I would have.
     I saved the best for last, in the center to the right of the needles just below the tea bags... see the scent bottle?  WELL! That's special! This one really FABULOUS gift that stands out so far above the rest I almost cried!  18 years ago yesterday DH and I were wed.  Back then Victoria Secrets had a scent called Peach & Hyacinth, well they don't make that any more.  I wore that scent when we were wed so now that I only have a tiny bit left I use it only for very special occasions, like our anniversary.  Yesterday I put it on and DH took me out to dinner.  My gift to him was to wear a tiny bit of the small amount I have left.  I pretty much sat in his lap during dinner as we are never alone and the waiter busted us when he came to take our order while DH was enjoying his present.  Ahem, yeah.  So awkward! but it was such a special day.  We were alone all afternoon and night and we were like kids again.  We did things we never get to do what with having a medium sized family and never getting to spend time alone.  So this scent, KAT SENT ME SOME!  She got it from Pacific Scentworks where you can get rare and hard to find fragrance stuff.  WOW blown away, I had NO idea you could get stuff special like this!


And I will leave you with a completed project, my knee highs I made from Scary Sisters!  YUM

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sock Balls and a Shawl ball

I have really been enjoying making you sock balls so now I made a shawl ball to match.  

These sock balls are identical except they are wound with the teal inside on one and the purple inside on the other.  They go through greens, teals, a bit of turquoise and violet.

The shawl ball uses the same colors but has 15 yarns at about 950 yards and weighs in at 8.4 ounces.  The colors change every 30 yards on this large Shawl Ball, and as you can tell they change gradually for a long strand feel.  This ball is only$60.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sock Balls

Fun!  Today I have some long color changing yarn balls to share with you.  I had fun making these up for you.  I didn't have as much green as I thought I did as I used it up on my Queen Anne's Lace afghan I made this past year.  These balls all come in a set of two and are about 400 yards total, 200 yards each ball and one set will make up a pair of adult socks. You could start one sock from one end and one sock from the other and have two socks that only match at the ankles, FUN!

A greens with a bit of purple SOLD but I can replicate this or make another similar this was light on the purple.

When I'm an old lady I shall wear purple and PINK! instead of red.

This one is turquoise which I have so much of.  I could add purple to this easily or do an all purple one with ease.

The last two are VERY special ones that I want to share with you.  I did a test knit of a shawl which ended up on the cat walk at STITCHES WEST!!!  Did you know that?
For the large size I had to cast on like 2000 stitches or some such crazy amount.  Then the finished product hung onto the floor.  This is what it looked like BEFORE I fixed the pattern.  From working the pattern exactly as it was written this was the garment, blocked.
I re-wrote the large size pattern for the designer and was supposed to get credit for it - but hey - the knitting industry isn't always the safest place which is why I like to work alone now.  Anyway this shawl has so much history, which makes it even more special so I thought some of you might like balls from the actual shawl that was on the Catwalk.  There are two sets available.  One I call Teal on the right, burgundy brown on the left.  Each set has 10 different yarns in each ball.   PM me to place an order or just send the funds to to be assured you will get the one you want.  They are $35 per set plus $3.00 for shipping in the USA.


Monday, June 18, 2012

WendyMcD's Recipes -Natural replacements for poisonous products

We are off of most hygiene products due to the ill effects from the poisonous ingredients, SSS [sodium sulfides], SSC or SSL in shampoo, aluminum in deodorant, all petroleum products in everything etc.  A quick search will show why we have gone natural, the recipes below will save you tons of money over a year. 
  I assume this is very like what was used before the pastes came on the market years ago. We got off of pastes when we found out how much poison resides in them. 
WendyMcD's Tooth Powder
Makes 1 cup
3/4 C baking powder
1/4 C good salt
20 drops tea tree oil
Oils to taste, I use:
10 drops of clove oil
10 drops wintergreen oil
Don't like mint? Try dropping the above and use:
20 drops of orange oil
In a bowl combine all ingredients, mix well, store in air tight container like small canning jar. To use, wet brush, dip into powder, using ONLY vertical strokes (never horizontal or you will get gouges at the gum line) clean teeth well.
Oil=Essential Oil, food grade
WendyMcD's All Purpose Cleaner
Tear a bunch of old t-shirts up, flannels, any cotton products which would make a good cleaning rag, make into a square who's size you like for cleaning.  Fold and make into a stack. Get a water proof container like Tupperware, something you don't mind never using again. Fill half way with water then add:
 20 drops tea tree oil
10 drops rosemary oil
10 drops eucalyptus oil
10 drops lavender oil
Mix well, immediately add stack of home made wipes and flip them after submerging. The liquids will permeate and then drip down to cover all wipes. Use on all bath surfaces, kitchen counters, granite shouldn't have oils on it so test first. We have a bowl in each bath room.
WendyMcD's Floor Cleaner
Fill spray bottle 3/4th full of water add:
 20 drops tea tree oil
10 drops rosemary oil
10 drops eucalyptus oil
10 drops lavender oil-or other scent you enjoy
Shake well. Using a flat head mop with washable covers, spray floor, wipe clean. Replace covers every five square foot or so. Fast, easy, efficient. W
e made washable covers for the flat head mop with old towels and elastic to hold it on the rectangular mop head. Lay mop over towel, cut to over lap top of mop on 2 sides only, sew 1" elastic on either side of the stick to hold over head. Make sure you zig zag edges so you don't get terry cuttings all over. Washing once will remove any excess.
  If you are currently using one of the Swiffer type mops those pads will cost you a small fortune over a short amount of time.  Not to mention the floor cleaner product which polutes your O2. Since mine are washable there's money saved, not just the cleaning products themselves but in all of the paper products that come with all those cleaners.  
  We also use hand crocheted hankies (anybody want one? ;-)) and cloth napkins. We buy natural products from I-Herb  use code WEN537 for a discount. I love their Oh Baby shampoo, look for soaps and shampoo without the SS in them or get bar soap type shampoo. They have less lather but you aren't polluting your body. For deodorant try their crystals.  Even here you will find SSS in some of the products under the guise of SSC or SSL, research everything carefully.
  Replacing our cleaning and hygiene products happened over a period of time, not overnight, gradual replacement seems to be the one that sticks the longest.  As with anything, test in an inconspicuous place, I'm a fellow traveler, not an expert. Peace be the journey [Cool Runnings]

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Color Changing Socks

   I love my new socks!  Course I love all my socks any which way, OTN, OffTN, in the sock drawer, designed or gifted... they are all my favorites.
  Today we have my Color Changing Socks... they went from this:
 To this:
  How come I'm not done yet?  LOL!! Cause I'm doing them 2 at a time of course!  This is the center of the ball and I thought about doing one from the center and one from the outside so I'd have two different socks but wasn't feeling it so I kept them both dark on the instep.  See the center of the ball above?  That's the toes.  LOVE THEM!  Not like,,,, LOVE!
  This photo shows 4 color changes of 8 yards each.  I have a total of 8 more to go.  This could get CRAZY if you are really into placing things EXACTLY duplicate.  I find myself winding some off of one sock to make them hit identically for each sock.  Or so that the change happens on the foot.  Yeah NUTTER, big time!  But it's so much fun and so addicting to get to the next change and still TV knitting.  How cool is that!
  You can see from the ball that I'm headed for my last heavy purple color and will be heading gradually into the blues now.  SKQWEEEEEEEEE!!!  I'm going to do Cat Bordhi's Sweet Tomato heels again as I really love the feel of my socks even more since I found her heel.
  Want your own but don't have enough to make the change flow?  I will be happy to make some for you.  The socks I'm making have 12 different colors in 2 different balls. I can for sure do any combination of:
  I have less of the following but possibly I can add:
  We have a lot of blue/red which could make a blue go into red and back out again.
I have less of the bottom colors and so many of the top that I know I can make many out of variations of the top colors.   Mine has only two colors and go from turquoise to violet very subtly. Want one color? No problem I have enough different variety of each of the top list to make them. I don't recommend more then 2-3 colors as you want to have a nice blend from one to the next.
  What you will end up with is 2 skeins of yarn, there will be either 12 or 10 different colors, depends on how many knots you want to deal with. Each will total up to about 400 +/- yards/3.5 ounces of all different types of super wash yarns. Enough to make a pair of adult sized socks. By "types" I mean fibers, tencel, bamboo, cashmere, merino base on all and since they are super wash the type of fiber will not matter as they will all wash the same. Just $35 per pair, interested? 
  Want knee highs? Full stockings? Want a shawl instead with more yardage? It can be done at any yardage you desire, just an additional $12 per 100 yards.
 You know the drill, paypal to click goods, scroll down for the comments, copy and paste this with your information added to it. Add shipping $3.00 USA, $5.00 Mex/Can, $7.00 International.

 Color changing socks $35
  10 changes at 9 yards each __
  12 changes at 8 yards each __
  color 1__
  color 2__ omit?
  color 3__ omit?
Additional yardage
 add 100 yds for a total of 500 $45
 add 200 yds for a total of 600 $55
 add 300 yds for a total of 700 $65
Can go in and out of colors more frequently then 3 with a more abrupt change. y/n
Additional info?

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sands of Time is official

Make up your mind already!!  


We are off!  I made you up a drop down box and a pattern box to click through on the bar to the right and Houston we have lift off!  ;-)  See the new Sands of Time page for all the "official" information HAHA!

If you have any questions please contact me.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mini Skeins

Mini skeins are great, right!  I love them.  You can use them for a striped pair of gloves, socks, the BeeKeepers quilt just about anything that requires multiple colors of fingering weight yarn.

Instead of making the BeeKeeper quilt I designed my own cause I have to be different.  ;-)  I call it my Octighan as I'm using octagons and tiny squares to piece it together.  I got to wondering if you all can find mini skeins for a good price so I went looking.  What I found was pretty discouraging.  On Etsy I found 5 - 12 skeins of 20-25 yards each for $10-20!  Crazy man!   So I thought I would like to offer you double the length (40 yards) for only $2.00 per skein.  You know me it's all about getting you what you need and want at the best price I can.  I have 1,000's of skeins of yarn to choose from.  Here's a small smattering of just a nibble into the stock.
   This is all from a wide variety of yarns which all have one thing in common, they are sock yarns.  The base is all merino/nylon super wash but with some interesting twists, silk, bamboo, cashmere, tencel you get the picture.  I can't label them with content as I'm not sure any more which is which but they are all super wash fingering.  The above kit would be requested by asking for blue variegated.  With the exception of 2nd skein from the left -green and last skein on the right-purple.  You wouldn't get those when requesting all blue. WOW it worked!  I LOVE IT!
   Put up in 40 yard skeins they will make 3 puff's each, which is great for swapping!  One for you and two for swap partners.  Or as I said before, they can be used in multitude of projects.  Can't you see a pair of socks from the above blues?  10 skeins x 40 yards each will net you a pair of adult sized socks.  Using gradient color changing techniques and it will look like a blended long strand.  If you'd like your yarn for socks I can make loose square knots and make the yarn into a cake instead of skeins.  If you knit from the beginning and end of the skein you'd have two exactly opposite socks COOL!  Gee, I might have to make me a pair!  HEY, we could do a KAL and pop in some cables or all do a certain pattern, oh man "T"rouble, right!
    The above set is heavy on the brown with blue, purple, red and orange tossed it.  Add purple and green to replace two of the browns and you would have a bit of a rainbow.  Got a color you despise?  Put that into the "Notes" below for your order.  We can make you sets of one color with many variations in the set OR a rainbow with only one of each color of the rainbow in it. 
Skies the limit! We can make solid/semi solid sets or we can make your kit from variegated colors.  

 Write me with any questions or just place an order in the comments of paypal.  This is the information I will need you to complete, copy and paste into comments.

Quantity of 40 yard skeins at $2.00 each _
Quantity of 30 yard skeins at $1.85 each _
Quantity of 20 yard skeins at $1.75 each _
Variegated, solid or both _
Each a different color of the rainbow (y/n) _
Or all the same color (name of color) _
Or all in several colors (name of colors) _
Notes-(anything else I need to know)  _
    Each kit will be made to order so I can do anything you wish!  Your wish is my command, I love to please.  We can set up your kit with skeins of a different yardage if you wish. More or less yards and a the price is adjusted accordingly.  Standard order procedure, copy the above text, fill it in and pop it into the comments at paypal to e-mail, click GOODS add $3.00 shipping in the USA, $5.00 Can/Mexico and $7.00 for International.  Any questions just pop me an e-mail, LETS PLAY!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sands of Time KAL

Well Kiddies, I just can't NOT work! :-)  As you full well know.  So we have a summer KAL, YIPEEE!  If life wasn't so chock full of inspiration I'd be safe.  What started as a Peacock turned into the Sands of Time as I realized that Peacock was the color and not the theme.  I LOVE this shawl, it's gorgeous!  
      What we have is a fully shaped Faroese shawl using about 1000 yards of fingering weight yarn.  Since the yarn was hand made by me, there's not really any yarn support that said I will "unofficially" dye up 2 skeins of my Fairy Sock Deluxe for you (770 yards, $33 each) OR 3 skeins of my Fairy Sock (which has 400 yards, $20 each skein).  Either can be done in my Sands of Time colors which are royal shot with turquoise and Golden sand which are taken from this photo.  Or any other colors of your choosing.
     How about ONE of the Peacock colors?
     From the center out, Black, Teal, Aqua, Turquoise, Royal, Violet.  I can't make a long strand but you could stripe your shawl using 3 different colors.  Then work gradient color change through the shawl to make the colors blend better.  The KAL will run over the summer after the KMH KAL has finished.  This is a fee shawl pattern and can be purchased here.  Each clue will come out as a pattern update.  I believe you can order it even if you aren't on Ravelry,,, BUT if you aren't on... why?  I love it there.  
     See you in the KAL on my Groups.  There's a Yahoo Group and a Ravelry Group.  ENJOY!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Peacock Shawl

For the longest time I have wanted to make my own Peacock shawl pattern.  I have seen it in cable and lace for like YEARS!  Remember the Kaleidoscope Batt I scored from the Loop?  Well it's spun!  I haven't been able to share the yarn as the colors will not come true for me.
On the left is the photo from the Loop and on the right is the yarn I had to doctor to get the color to come close.  I core spun it gently for a long strand yarn.  There's about 1000 yards of a heavy fingering weight yarn that came from of that 5 ounce batt!  I LOVE IT!  I love long strand and these colors are SO ME!  and so VERY PEACOCK!  The pattern will come together quickly so I will need a test knitter soon.  Please PM me if you are interested in tackling this baby.  It's a love child.

Camel yarn

Well kiddies the camel is going fast!  We had a request for the flower on the hillside so a new color was born.  This is the inspiration photo.
We are calling this color Azalea pink, bit of fuchsia, lilac sparingly and light violet, possibly a few more colors will be used to make this lovely flower.  It will be done in our Meldy Deep technique and can be done on any super wash yarn.  
      High end stitch markers were a must to match up with this lovely camel/silk yarn.  The answer, amethysts of course! We have them ranging from 1/2-3/4" in size and are making them up with either lobster claws or key ring loops.  Same pricing as the semi-precious stones so you can order those in the quantity you need and then put into the comments you would like the amethysts or just e-mail me for aide.  Or what about some Jade?  We also have a pink rock which might be rose quartz... it's a bit larger coming in at about 1 inch.
    If you are interested do order soon as we are breaking for a bit after this weeks session.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Sceptered Isle Colorway

Going a little gaga!  Mario just published Sceptered Isles on Ravelry and I have been going nuts ever since. 
I can SO see this in my new camel yarn which is 50/50 camel/silk and is the softest thing I have ever felt.  Thinking that the blue of the sea isn't where I want to go.  I see it more in the greens of the Isle... the little flower on the hill here is in the shawl pattern!
The rose named after the Isle who's color might have come from the above flower.
I believe this olive, lime and emerald might be my ticket.  Deep colors, not light.

Yes that's better, deep dark of the trees and hedgerows.  Can you see it with me?  End of next week there will be a photo of the yarn but I will not dye again for at least a month. AND there will be no more camel by then either.... BUT I have camel now and I can so see this yarn!  I will work on the camel in my Meldy Deep technique to weave all three of these greens into a tapestry which will glide off of your needles to make a VERY special shawl!  Deep dark triad of greens.  

There are only 6 skeins of my camel left but this can be done on Fairy super wash lace which has the same yardage and is only $25.00, add shipping of $3.00 in the USA, $6 to Mex/Can and $8.00 International.

BUT only the first 6 to order the camel get it!! to click GOODS Camel is $55.00 add above shipping. Add your order text to comments.  
For example:
  Camel in Sceptered Isle colorway $55.00
  International Shipping $8.00
  Total $63.00

Any question's please contact me.