Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hiyas, Vernal Equinox, Sakura and Tofu

      Say hello to my new interchangeable needles!  LOVE them!  I have been working up my latest KAL design on a pair of the size 6's.  I got the 4" small set (size 2-8) which are a bit on the short side length wise, I should have realized that they weren't including the shaft in that measurement.  One of these days I will learn, meanwhile I'm enjoying the knit.

     Scored this cone of cashmere off of eBay from Colourmart it's a 2/58 (thin cobweb) so there's plenty of yardage and I look forward to casting on.  LOVE!  I didn't want to remove the moth proofing so you can't see it so well but it's dark violet purple, now I need to find the perfect project.
     DD went shopping and bought me a bunch of organizer items and I was able to take this shelf from haphazard mess to much more organized.  Still not finished putting everything together but it's looking SWEET!

     Here's Sakura finished and on DD so you can see the hood.  LOVE the details!  Mario has now added 42 more rows so if you want the extended version it's now available for you all.  Sleeve straps to follow in video form as soon as I'm up to it.
     A Queen of Enabling set me onto the Tofutsie KAL which can be found on the SWTC Yahoo Group.  Because I can never leave well enough alone,,,, yes,,,, indeed I did change the pattern.  The top of the motif was suposed to appear on the right and I couldn't see working 2 rows of the top so I skipped that and went into it on the left side.  Yes they are 2 at a time as I had a major problem with SSS once upon a time.  ;-)
        Vernal Equinox shown here blocking.  I added to this one too, see my Ravelry (WendyMcD) for more details.
I love this shawl!  I hand dyed on my cashmere base in DK weight, LOVE IT, love the way the colors blip (green and purple) a bit here and there.  Then the way it fades into darker coloring LOVE IT!  So warm and snuggly.
And I will leave you with a skein of Zauberball! Pretty right!  
    There's so much more I'd like to share with you, future KALs as well as dye days.  Quickly let me tell you that the Hiya's are working up the next KAL which is half way dyed already it's the Knit Me Happy in purples and browns and it's just lovely!  The theme is pets and they show up throughout the shawl, it's a triangle and as soon as I complete the design process and get it off to the testers I will be able to replace the Raven page for you to see it. 
     There's a bunch of fiber sitting out all over for dye days this week.  Everything from sock to lace, (Pixie Paca included) to 2 pounds of roving I can't WAIT! There will be new colors added to the A Discovery of Witches theme in time for the new book to hit sales in June.  Look forward to seeing the cover of Shadow of the Night, Hamish and Martha.
    Enough! cats outta the bag, off to make a stitch marker page as I have been playing in that venue as well.  ENJOY YOUR KNITTING!  and KNIT WHAT YOU ENJOY!

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