Friday, May 11, 2012

Heliotaxis, tea and more

     A new Yarn Fairy KAL is in the works, be sure to click on the Knit Me Happy KAL page here, see the new drop down boxes for KAL, SM's and more.
      I need to give you all a bunch of yarn photos but it turns out they need to be shot again so I thought I'd give you some fun instead!  Who doesn't love fun!
First of all the Zeitgeist has struck yet again!  Another movie came out of our Raven!  Can you believe it?  I can't it's nuts!  Snow White's wicked step mother has the name Ravenna and there are all these wings!  Crazy I know right! ... but there you have it.
What with my heart acting up I had to find an alternate route to all the coffee that's drunk in this house.  A friend of mine shared the link for Mountain Rose and I purchased from them as they are lovely.  First there's the lovely packaging!  The coffee is caffeine free and is a bit odd, what with it smelling of broth, tasting a bit like caramel and chocolate (decadent really) and looking like bits of bark!  But it does do the trick, totally satisfies and you know you are steeping herbs so that sort of takes the edge of deprivation off that you might feel from drinking de-caf.  We got Fairytale tea as with a name like Yarn Fairy I was committed to it.  Very earthy with lots of flowers and leaves, almost thinking there's a grass in there.  FUN!  Of course Hearth Health and last but not least by any means their Jasmine is LOVELY!  I highly recommend this place for all your herbal needs.  They don't JUST carry teas, check them out.
Some good old fashioned down time for the Yarn Fairy.  After this hectic week of  total immersion in my art, here, I will just list it all for you. 
  1. First we started off on Monday with an all day dye-a-thon WOWSERS! so many skeins!!! 
  2. 2 patterns had to go through hard core edits for a book as well as 2 essays, that took 2 entire days.
  3. When I wasn't working on the edits while the yarn was in the fans I was working on the pattern for the next KAL and having a glitch that needed the software writers help.
  4. Had to sort and bag 1/2 kilo of beads fortunately a Pixie took that off of my hands! Thank you Lord!
  5. Needed to make all the sets of the Chevy SM's to go out with that luscious stuff LOVE that yarn, everyone who see's it loves it! YEAH another Pixie helping the first and they cranked them all out for me in one afternoon!  What a blessing they are to me.  As at that point the stress was high to get the yarn out by the time I'd slotted for myself.
  6. Then shipping mailing all that yarn WOWSERS! it had to be all ready by Friday am for DH to take to the city.
Yeah I had a week and a half squnched into a few days what with the edits throwing off my game by 2 days.  All that from an InValid... I tell you if I were healthy you all would be in SO much trouble!  So much more then I already **Evil Queen Enabler** you into!

On my Icelandic Shawl group at Yahoo we are going to be knitting on the Heliotaxis and I accidentally dyed up some yarn for mine!  I had no idea we would be doing this shawl and then when I found out I realized that there's 1740 yards here and the original shawl says 1610 or less.
The yarn is a deep dark emerald green sort of reminds me of a forest.  I will have to get you photos soon.  Till then don't you think a dark emerald would be lovely for this!  Totally perfect.  Although one gal made hers with several different rainbow bright colors and it's lovely too.  Very tempting as I have many lace weight scraps from all the shawls I have knit using my 2 ply lace.

I can't wait to share with you some of the stuff I have been getting for my swap partner on our Ravelry group. FUN!  I love swapping and this one has a high bar, $25 minimum and 400 yards of knit wear you create special for your swapee.
 Quaffle! :-)  A square that turned into a ball.

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