Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Scales of Justice Video

Ok Kiddies, what with the camera you are in so much trouble!  You get to listen to my froggy voice, only of my many ailments is chronic laryngitis but we wanted to share with ya'll.  Scroll down to the violet colored Playlist of my music, hit pause on that before you hit play here.
One of my favorite parts of my little hobby is working with the scales to get the beads bagged up so I share that along with a few other odds and ends.
     Mario can be found by sending a blank e-mail through the clickable link here. Then once you are part of his group you can access the Sakura in the Files section of the group under Shawls 2012.  DD is winding our cashmere as I type this.  We both have far too much OTN but then life's short so why not eat desert first?
   We also share my Battlestar Gallactica top from one that the Sharon model of the Cylons wears in one of the scenes.  It's a fast knit and I'm enjoying designing on the fly.
    Today was a dye day, we got the Knit Me Happy KAL yarn dyed up as well as much of the last of The Raven.  Waiting on a yarn shipment to finish up The Raven.  Even so there's yarn all over the house.  It was outside at the cooling station and we had a sudden hail storm!  Even with 2 fans on the yarn it will take some time to dry.
     That's about all from the Loony Bin, hope you are all well and happy.

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