Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sakura by Mario


Video removed to ITunes due to inaccessibility here.  

   Click play on the video to see what a Pixie brought in and set on my night stand for me to wake up to,  {Grins!} later, I wax on about Sakura by Mario.  If you would be interesting in learning how to put sleeves onto a shawl please comment below.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Quick hello

Just wanted to pop in and say a quick hello to you all.  Miss me?  I'm missing me so you must be.  Dellilah has been with the IT guy for a few days so I'm playing catch up.  Naught girl that she is, took a major up keep to get her back up to snuff.  Meanwhile I have been cranking on the knitting.  Here are a few things that I can show you.
Jade Stitch Markers
 Here are the Jade stitch markers I spoke of on the Yarn Fairy Yahoo Group.  They are $10.00 for a set of 5 and come in the light rounds or the darker flats.  To order just e-mail me

 Sakura by MMario Knits.  LOVE IT but I choose finer needles and yarn for this then I should have so I chopped up (with permission first) chart 2 and chart 3 and made it 42 rows longer.  LOVE IT!  Reminds me of a doodle pattern that I did all through childhood.  I would use a black marker and then put multi colored dots at the ends of each stem so I'm using multi colored beads FUN!  Not sure if I will be over dyeing it yet and I've had so many ideas of how to finish it that I have NO idea where I'm going but I'm almost there as I have about one more full day of work and I will be at the border.  Need to put it on a massive cable at that point and have DD put it on me so I can see where to go.  We have though of crocheting a scalloped border, MM has a border too.  Then there was the hoodie idea which I love... tack on each end to make sleeves and a snuggle.
 Lastly we have the test knit I just completed a size 34 ski sweater.  FUN!  Need to run and update my Rav now so ya'll have a great day.  Soon I will have more video's as well as a new KAL!  I'm all set on that as we dyed it along with the Raven.  ;-)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Scales of Justice Video

Ok Kiddies, what with the camera you are in so much trouble!  You get to listen to my froggy voice, only of my many ailments is chronic laryngitis but we wanted to share with ya'll.  Scroll down to the violet colored Playlist of my music, hit pause on that before you hit play here.
One of my favorite parts of my little hobby is working with the scales to get the beads bagged up so I share that along with a few other odds and ends.
     Mario can be found by sending a blank e-mail through the clickable link here. Then once you are part of his group you can access the Sakura in the Files section of the group under Shawls 2012.  DD is winding our cashmere as I type this.  We both have far too much OTN but then life's short so why not eat desert first?
   We also share my Battlestar Gallactica top from one that the Sharon model of the Cylons wears in one of the scenes.  It's a fast knit and I'm enjoying designing on the fly.
    Today was a dye day, we got the Knit Me Happy KAL yarn dyed up as well as much of the last of The Raven.  Waiting on a yarn shipment to finish up The Raven.  Even so there's yarn all over the house.  It was outside at the cooling station and we had a sudden hail storm!  Even with 2 fans on the yarn it will take some time to dry.
     That's about all from the Loony Bin, hope you are all well and happy.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Raven KAL

Wow my first video!  Can you see it?  Please do LMK.

click to watch

It was so difficult, much more so then anticipated and my camera so didn't do me justice as usual!  URGH!  But with the help of boy Pixie we worked really hard and got you a fair quality video.  When you get your shawl and get to row 17 I'm sure it will make even more sense.