Thursday, March 8, 2012

DD's B-days coming

Our little Pixie isn't so little any more.  She's turning 15 here on the 15th!!  I can hardly believe it, she's a treasure.  For her birthday she's got a couple of friends coming to stay the night and have a picnic.  Meanwhile I got DS to knit!  I can hardly believe it - right!  He's not picked up sticks and string for years.  Anyway here's what we did together.  He c/o and worked about 4" then I put the beads on and finished up the other side.
 I'm working up a pair of socks to match... always toe up two at a time and here you see them inside out as I work all purls on the sole so that they make nice not rice inside of her shoes. 
 Want some of my hand painted sock yarn but can't find a use for it?  I found THE BEST pattern for multi colored hand paints.  This is Parallel Twist by Jeannie Cartmel which I purchased from Loopie Ewe she refunds the shipping and will e-mail you the pattern.
You all have not seen many of our hand paints the one on the right would be AWESOME in this pattern. So many lovelies!
Lastly I wanted to share a new to us base yarn... see the shine!  This is our Pixie Silk it's a 2 ply 100% Tussah silk yarn that's just to DYE for!!! PIN!  LOVE IT!  We will be working with this on Monday when we do our monthly dye party so if you want some PM me and we can chat.  It's 1000 yards in 100 grams and I have a very limited quantity of this nummy stuff.  We hope to run a KAL for a lace top on this in the future a lovely large flower with a hex background... but that's a ways down the road as I have to get more stock first, we have only 19 skeins and 3 of them are toast already.  :-)  One's a prize for my 2nd place TKer on the SHS shawl and 2 for me!  LOL and that's the way it goes round here.
Hope you all have a great weekend planned, me I'm going to knit!  ;-)

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