Monday, February 20, 2012

What a great day

      I'm so happy and excited!  My creativity is HIGH today and I'm just thrilled with the progress de jour!  ;-)  So far I haven't been able to leave my bed ....   "yet!" yet cause as the meds build up I will be able to here after lunch... when I'm heading for the pots!  I'm so excited as I'm going to pull some roving out and dye up small (8 ounces or so) batches of multi colored lovelies.  I decided (if you saw my post on Rav) to do a blog along of all my clubbing... instead of clubbing it though (hand painted roving club) I decided to paint up a few months worth today and work through it on my blog.  Start to finish,,, dye pot, through spinning, through a pattern!  YUPPERS!  For all those peeps who join clubs (like me!  {hangs head}) then tosses the parcel into the fiber pile after petting it a bit never to pull it up again.  LOL course that said the last roving club I did resulted in a pair of socks and a frogged shawl... hey I tried and it was only 3 months so I did pretty good.  Here's some inspiration for a handspun project I would like to do with one of them.
        Ok this is so not what I wanted to come and tell ya'll.  The thing is I FINISHED the Spring Has Shawl pattern for the KAL.  YIPEEEEEEE!  I HAD to stay ahead of the TKers and what with having worked on that last chart for so long and knit it so many time,,, it just FELL INTO PLACE!  sweeeeeeeeet!  I'm so very pleased with the finished product.  So now I can hit the pots today with a light heart which will make all the dyeing AWESOME!  Normally does anyway.  I told you all the stuff I'm dyeing right?  Other then the KAL I have 2 shawls... one a color gradient masterpiece for Marios new Gethsamene.  I can't wait!  That's for tomorrow... I reskeined all the yarn up into smaller bit sized pieces and they are all tagged and ready for Meldy paints.  Then there's the roving and the Vernal E we are KALing on my IcelandicLaceShawl group here on Yahoo. In the photo below you can see my Meldy in light blue.  I LOVE this yarn, it's neat watching the blips of color come through.  You wouldn't know it but there are FOUR dyes on this yarn, there's even a bit of purple.  ;-)  you know me, purple, green and blue.  Over and over, how many different ways?
      SO!  This all FREES MY MIND!  and The Raven has been cawcawcawing loudly in my ears.  He's screaming to be made into a very simple pattern in order that a beginner to lace would be able to work it and those of you experienced knitters might be able to call it TV knitting.  Course what with it being massive we need to have some interest (beads and theme) in it in order to keep from being bored but it's time for something more simple.  You know that it's a circle that's cut up (not steeked, worked back and forth) the center right.  This way you can hold your hand on either side of the front slit and work your "wings" and CAW at peeps! ;-) HAHA ok so you might not but I so will! 
      There are beads, lovely beads that I picked out ages ago and there is yarn already as some of you know who already have the sample (shhhhhhh) no it's not for sale YET!  I emphasis YET as it will be shortly... see all that to say it's up next!!!!  SOOO EXCITED!  I need to pull my SM fixings out again as I have a few to make for this KAL's orders so I'm going to play with his birds and letters to!!! YIPEEE SKIPPY!  Yup, letters, thinking of different words.  Help me brainstorm... I can't use the same letters over so they have to all be different words,,, small so they don't get in the way.  I have been buying supplies for this KAL for such a long time it will be so nice to pull it all out to play!!!!  SO EXCITED!  LOL like you couldn't tell. For sure:
K2tog (if I have any numbers)
      See what I'm asking for?  Hit comment if you can think of stuff you might like to have on your shawl.   The knit, while being TV knitting, will HAVE to have some of the themed stuff and umph that I have been playing with all this time... but I'm going to try (operative word TRY) to keep it simpler.  Nothing too fancy, no borders (other then the few garters) no panels, no nutin but the bird.  OOOOH He's so pretty in my head.  sigh,,, happy and content what a great day to be alive.  Aren't you happy today?  How can you be anything but with a nut like me at the helm.  Oh dear, can't think of being at the helm without feeling so much dunno,,, responsibility... which I take very seriously... too seriously perhaps, ok downer.  His beads are the seed bead iris black rainbow... so that they look like all colors but subdued so like copper, purple, blue green but they are that iris black, KWIM?  I can't wait to buy them and show them to you... not too many on the shawl and probably only the one size throughout.  Unless his blink, blink, oh shiny screams at me.  You know ravens they love the bling and will steal anything shiny that comes across their path.
     So the other thing I wanted to let you know is that I got the samples in for the silk.  Not liking the one 100% so much since the talk I had with (oh dear have I forgotten? Patty?) I realized that they were passing Tussah off as the real deal... or perhaps I just assumed it was going to be the real deal what with the price point being so high.  Anyway, we have her to thank for saving us over that.  Then .... the others, the camel and yak,,, wow!  I don't even want to dye it!  It's gorgeous in the raw, or perhaps a dark color like a bit of blue or purple?  Will have to buy some samples and figure out what it likes.  Lately I have been wanting more natural stuff.  Been thinking about a color work sweater in all shades of undyed through browns.  Plain stuff has been calling me lately... more plain then my normal neon's and rainbow brights that I have been using for an eon.
      Anyway, just really happy, content and wanted to share.  Hope you are having the best Monday ever... normally I'm depressed on Monday's but this is a GREAT DAY!Can't wait to come back for my next post as I have stuff backing up here ready to share... UFO that are reclaimed along with a pile of needles and how to care for Kauni and other "itchy" yarns.  Then there's lining a bag simply and easily.  So many posts.  ;-)  So much to share.  I will return soon.
 Did you know that June 24th is National Fairy Day?!!! You have to love a Nation who celebrates their fairies!

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