Tuesday, February 28, 2012


What fun we have been having here.  Around all the snow, colds and general malaise we have been having a ball watching old movies and spinning!  Here we have the 13.5 ounces of very fine merino I dyed that I'm calling Grapevine as it reminds me of grapes.

Above you can see it on two bobbins and here on the right you can see it in the ball.  Below is my project I'm making from it.  It screamed that it wanted to be a shawl so shawl it shawl be {PIN}.  ;-)  I needed something plain due to the great variation of colors in the ball, knew it wouldn't translate into lace very well. 
Mom calls this a dragon, it's where the merino braid landed.
You can see the cable up the side and just barely see the p1 I put in the center of each triangle.  There will be more and I'm wondering if it wants me to add more further on to make an hourglass shape in and out as it goes along.  I love the back too, so pretty with it's one knit stitch on a knit background.
 Another lace weight for you.  This is my turquoise on merino again, very easy and comforting to spin.  This has yet to speak to me but I'm enjoying the spin.

Quick update on my Vernal... just finishing clue 4, another comforting project.

Then there's my baby Suri alpaca.  Remember I told you about the dirty fleece I rinsed and popped into the pot?  The natural brown in it works perfect with the other colors I added to it.  Due to the fact that it's Suri I have an extremely lovely, soft, lofty, nummy yarn.

It's really a lofty nummy bulky yarn which was screaming to be a shawlette even though I have over one pound of this dyed up.  My instant thought was of a pinwheel which I have written up so that others can work this lovely with their big bulky hand spun.  DD is working on the test knit now.  Her's is a much more balanced yarn, I wanted a thick thin for mine and this is what she wanted for her's, this pattern will work for many yarns.  We plan on putting one of the new lovely hook clasps on the front at the neck when we are finished.  It will be a lovely warm shawl perfect for my InValid self in my chair or even bed.  For all others it will go anywhere and be just the right amount of coverage to keep warm.  This could even be used on top of a trench coat if you had to go out in the rain.  I can think of so many uses, the best use... for your hand spun yarn.
 Our long gloves are coming along too... least you think we forgot about those.

I will leave you with some photos of our only real snow of the year.  I hope you are well and more important, happy and at peace.


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