Friday, February 24, 2012

Show and Tell

  Happy Day to one and all.  This week just a bit of show and tell.  Here's my latest pattern the ADOW bag, on the right you can see the verbiage for which I give a color graph and alphabet for you to insert your own words.
     After listening to a pod cast I realized I wanted to join a roving club... after seeing the prices I thought I'd dye my own, ;-) especially what with the entire corner of the garage full of totes full of fleeces.  I'm sure DH would appreciate my savings, right hon?

On the left is a brown and white alpaca fleece that I didn't bother washing much, we rinsed it a few times them plunked it part and parcel into the vat with a bunch of different colors and I really love the way this came out.  I will be taking you through my journey with this from paca animal through to the finished product, at least that's my goal here.  There's about 1 pound or so here I believe, will have to weigh and measure as I go.  I'm hoping it will tell me what it wants to be.  On the right we have a very pristine merino roving 13.5 ounces which will be lovely spun.  Not sure what finished product either will produce but I'm happy with my "purchases" and hope to take you along with me in my spinning journey which commences today. YIPEEEEE I'm so ready for my long weekend.
DD and I played with sock blanks.  Her's is on the left and mine on the right.  You can see the beginning of this project... about elbow (above?) length gloves is what we are shooting for with a design on the fly method instead of using a pattern.  I have a bit of a border there and I'm going to (hopefully) branch off into twisted stitches with lots of definition.
Here we have some reclaimed yarn and needles!  UFO's which have been ripped after being OTN for FOUR years!  After ripping a bunch of the Pi on the right I b/o and am gifting a shoulder shawl to DD for her upcoming b-day.  The Aeolian at the bottom was in sock yarn and the needles were WAY too small.  On the left the turquoise red and orange was some roving I spun from a club, tried to make a shawl out of it which was a no go.  The purple was a silk top but it was just too large and not happy so along with the rest,,, frogville was happy that day.  And I'm happy to have some size 6 needles back in my needle cases ready to use. ;-)  Out of this I only c/o the purple silk again and have done the border for the top.
On the left, 2000 yards of fingering weight yarn from pale to black in shades of blue with meldy deep between in small skeins to make the transitions.  I'm designing The Black Dahlia which will have torquing flower petals!  For the center we have little seeds then the flower petals start in the middle with twin leaves after them who go from small to large.  Finishing off with an alternating mesh and petal border still knit in the round.  SWEET!  Can't wait to get this OTN so you can see what I mean.  On the right in the Poisen (my hand dye) is my first tomato heel by Cat Bordhi, if you look closely you will see that my problem wasn't learning to make the wedge but rather to CEASE and desist LOL as you can see FOUR wedges instead of three. They slip on and off like a dream!  Love this new heel.  Since that photo was taken I have them both back OTN (2 at a time for me no SSS here) and I've got about 2" of ankle done on them.  I have about 920 yards and hope to make some long stockings from them.
      Another little sneak peak into the future... here we have a few of The Raven stitch marker sets.  As you can see birds are the order of the day.  Each set will have enough markers to work the KAL in.  7 divider markers and one lobster claw to mark the front side for you.  YES we have verbiage. I can't wait to share more with you.  I couldn't sleep last night for the stuff I had rolling around in my pea brains for you all.  I have been looking forward to this shawl for years.  Did you see there's a moving coming out!  The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe taken to new heights with a murderer emulating the stories he wrote, twisted.
      I hope you all have a GREEEEEEEAT weekend.  Do something nice for yourself.  Enjoy the day, Carpe Diem and all that rott! Hop a ride on a unicorn and enjoy your knitting or FROG IT!

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