Friday, February 10, 2012

Sherlock in London

What with all the dyeing I did yesterday you knew I'd be dyeing something further didn't you?  :-)  See the Spring Has Sprung KAL page and the ADOW page for the latest dye crazy day we had.

Here is SHERLOCK!  Have you seen him?
     Shortly I will be working up a DK knit scarf and a color work pair of sock for our beloved boy.  I have had much influence from a brianstorming muse session with DD and we have some terrific ideas.  I have only one male pattern so far, it's in my book.  Matthews socks will be my second with Sherlock following on his heels.
You may even see some aspects of this wallpaper in an item.  ;-)
      Of course he had to have some yarn!  What would life be like without yarn eh?  For a knitter who's artsy, very dry indeed.
London Ala Sherlock

See the pigments on the yarn?  This is so indicative of his nature, here there and everywhere and all really rapidly.  This is how I see him, brown and grey with high spots of multiple colors... they will not detract from the knit and in colorwork SHAZAM!  You will have blips of the different colors coming through.

Sherlock in Brown

You have heard of the Woman in Red (and for that matter the Woman in White for that matter), The Lady In Pink was an episode so here we have Sherlock in Brown an oh so moody brown for his depressions! ;-)

     These are both dyed on my super wash merino 80/20 nylon sock weight yarn but can be done on any of my base yarns.  E-mail me for a list of them, meanwhile they are $20 and $3.00 for shipping.  To order go to Paypal and send funds to CLICK GOODS (very important so I can ship to you) make sure the e-mail and address is correct and into the comments put what you would like on which base.  All yarns are special order and take time to dye but orders are pushed through pretty quickly.

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