Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What's with the weather?

So tell me... is it unseasonably warm in the world where you live?  I can't believe this weather.  Christmas came and went never feeling like Christmas due to the 70-80 degree weather we had,,, least that's what we believe.  Take a moment, leave a comment with your location and tell me if your weather is as it's supposed to me.  

I'll start, we are located in the mountains between LA and Bakersfield in Southern California.  We normally have had several snow storms by now as well as a number of rain storms.... what have we had?  It has only rained twice here, normally we are socked in with fog like San FranciscoIt snowed ONCE and it was just flurries at like 40 degrees that melted in the air.  Really people, come on, where is my weather?  The garden goes dormant and many plants need that rest.  We have a rose that's bloomed and we have surely lost the peaches again this year.  Bummer as I love me some organic peaches.  Take a moment and let me know what the weather is doing in your neck of the woods.


  1. Just moved to North Dakota from Sacramento California and let me tell you we are dealing with a cold that I have never experienced before. Saw a bright sunny day the other morning and went out for a morning walk to discover it was only 9 degrees. Lol, what a surprise. And the scary part is the locals are telling us how uncommonly mild it is for this time of year. Guess we better toughen up a bit before next winter.Sorry about the peaches. Want to ship us some of that fresh wonderful California fruit

  2. Connecticut here and after all the snow last year keeping everyone underground warm and toasty and not frost heaved,we had early (October - halloween was postponed) wet snow that destroyed 90% of my 59 ft magnolia still in leaf. Now I have snow drops and hellebores blooming and crocus peeking out. The roses are sending out new leaves and the magnolia buds are getting fat! Our frost free date is May 15! It is really crazy, very up and down. No problem yet with the peaches or raspberries but who knows what the spring will bring.