Friday, February 3, 2012

How to block a large knit garment with limited space

     Well Kiddies I finished my MMarios Queen Of Heaven.  Started 1-12 and ended 2-3 AND I started 2 more shawls and a doily in that time as well as started and finished Nug socks and did up 6" on a 2 at a time pair of knee highs!  Designed a shawl in there as well.... just for good measure.
     We have a fairly large bedroom and normally I just block my shawls on my California King sized bed... this one, not so much, as well as the last one.   So I have had to come up with some creative solutions. Items that go from the top of my head to the floor must needs be blocked differently, even though I'm only 5'2" tall. :-)
        Here's my Queen of Heaven blocking.  This is "supposed" to be a shawl... got a little to large for that and I have been wanting a hefty afghan that I could toss in the washer so it's three fold wonderful for me in that it's gorgeous as well.  Leo suggested that I use 2 strands of superwash sock yarn on a larger needle so that's just what I did.  I worked this pattern up with about 2.5 POUNDS of sock weight yarn on US size 10 needles. I didn't like all this green sock yarn I had, one was just whack with peach and navy in it and it was the one I had the most of so that one was the main yarn, the carrying yarn was all other greens in my stash.  Sad to say I will have to dye more if I need green in the future but how can I stay "sad" with so much loveliness before me.
     In order to block in this manner place the shawl wrong side up.  Lay blocking wired up the middle, carefully so you don't pick up any strands of yarn.  Fold it on these wires.  Pin the middle down as straight as you can.  Then weave blocking wires through the front AND back of both points you need to pull out.  Pin out from the very center first leaving the fold free to be pinned last.  I have a really strong fan that we put on my stuff or even two on it or if you have a thick item it will be drying forever.  Try this next time you are challenged for space.
     To get this one wet for blocking, we ran it though the rinse cycle of the washer.  Not sure I will EVER put  it in the dryer even though I know it's all superwash, just not that daring.  I can't recommend this knit enough I really enjoyed it.
     Dolce Vita Clue 1 came out yesterday and I'm half way through the clue, not sure if she's skipping the next weeks clue or not.  I don't speak German and so much is passing me by.  So long as I can knit I'm happy so I don't really care.
     Trollblume comes out tomorrow, can't wait! After I finish both of those I'm going back to designing my Spring has Sprung KAL.  While I'm designing this I'm going back to my lovely colorwork sweater I'm making.
   My KAL is a triangle shaped shawl with cables, lots of lace, texture and SILK!  Yuppers 100% silk thread, just a shade finer then my Pixie Paca.  I can't wait to get this one going.  Everybody who buys at least 2 skeins (dirt cheap I might add), one undyed has the option of sending me back their shawl for a dip dye!  FREE!  I did a draft of the pattern in my chart maker, thought it was a go, slept on it and my Muse came up with so many great ideas that I have to redo the entire thing... well all but the last as the last is PERFECT!  It's lovely.  I can't wait to get you a sneak peak.
My idea for this shawl was as a lapghan and a coat.  It will reside on my bed between wearing it.  See how the 1920's coat is sort of slung low on the model on the left?  Well when they wore that model in the movies they would some times walk with their shoulders uncovered and the sleeves caught up, held and folded at the waist.  That's what this will do.  For size,,,, my DD is modeling and she's 5'4"!!!!
Here she's got it folded back from her face, more coat like.  She kept saying it's so nice.  It's a snugglehug!  We love it.


P.S. I was just on Rav in 12 Shawls in 2012 group, I have NEVER received so many loves,,,, 43 on my post there to enter this shawl!  WOWSERS loves at rav


  1. Wow! What a monster of a shawl! Beautiful!

  2. Oh My Goodness Wendy; is this shawl the next KAL?? I sure hope so!!! Yummmmmy