Friday, February 17, 2012


Check it out!  a contest for my Knit Sibs, go fill her out! via Storey Publishers.
     Well I'm not sure which is more satisfying at this point:
Castitonitis where I go round finding these lovely patterns or am tempted by 5 KAL's all at once and cast them all on or;
Finishitupitis where I have this burst of finishing items up and getting them where they need to be.
Which is more gratifying to you and why?

This is a pair of thigh highs I bound off last night, this is my reading knitting.  I have a Lucite book holder which keeps my book open, a reading lamp with a flex stand thingy so as not to disturb DH and I just crank out the knitting.  Most of this is k2p2 at the top to keep them up.  Why thigh highs?  Arthritic knees LOVE them some thigh highs.   
     Here we have Dolce Vita by Bridget which is I'm currently half way through clue 3 of 4,  it's a long strand Kauni and I wasn't planning on beading but SHAZAM do they ever work!  I had this tube of a variety of large beads, rectangles, rocacille, seed in various sizes that I mixed with some 6/0 in green/teal and they are PERFECT for this shawl.  See all the different ones!  You can barely see the tiny bit of beading I have done so far.  The last clue will be out next Thursday, this is a banana shape shawl, my first.
     Then I have a test knit who's border I need to wait for, it's cream fingering with golden sparkly beads PERFECT!  Then I'm sorely tempted by Gethsemane by Mario, that's coming out on Tuesday.  I love me some big shawls and I think one of the test knitters for that shawl mentioned that it was large.
   Oh that's right I'm c/oing on Moni's KAL on the 24th in fingering.  I was going to do it in Kauni but it's SO primitive and two shawls in this yarn back to back is TOO much!  I'm going to sell off some of it as I have a ton! Anyone interested?  Thinking I might dye for this shawl on Monday when we dye up the rest of the Spring KAL.  Or I might just work it up in cream for a dip or accordion dye. 
    Then my own list has Vernal Equinox starting for Spring, we KAL 4 times per year, join us!   I'm going to work this shawl up in DK weight and then dip dye it after the fact.  But that will make 3 shawls OTN in cream and I'm not sure that's a good idea.  Especially not all at once.  ;-)
     Last week I c/o the Spring Has Sprung KAL (see page above) and got half way through the first clue, it's smashing I can't wait to share with you.  The test knitters started their race on that one just yesterday.  With their help we nailed down the start up chart.  It's a faux faroese shawl with borders to add zest.  I tried to make a less intense shawl but somehow I keep ending up with this real involved ones.  When I get the silk in I'm going to make something plain, geometric and symmetrical which is so me.  I love all the themes that I get into but I need to make a plainer shawl now.  Yeah a plain triangle with just 2 inserts of the pattern for a simple knit.  Enough lace to keep you knitting sub simpler to make it TV knitting.
     Finished that pair of thigh high's yesterday, well late last night and I dug out my poison socks (my hand paint) that I already had started.  Finishitupitis is soooowweeeeeetttt!

  Did you finally get your weather?  We did it's been so nice to see snow on the ground again.
      Even though everything's been growing and we will loose half our landscaping it's been really nice. 
      I read all the comments and  appreciate the feedback as this weather has me at odds.  It's really strange right!  Have you gotten any weather?

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