Sunday, February 5, 2012

Current Project

      Well Kiddies I just couldn't NOT share even though many of these are under wraps and you can't see them I had to share them.  Here's what I have that I'm currently working on and I do mean working as there are deadlines.
     Left to right, ADOW bag, no you can't see it as I will be publishing that one.  But it's in the brown bag there on the left,,, it's mostly blue and black, looks like the cover of the book.  I need a test knitter for the large size still.  It's small when done in fingering and large when done in worsted LOVE IT!  The box of thread in the center is the Niebling Trollblume KAL I have been telling you about.  The black maze sweater there on the right is my challenge and it's due 2-29.
     Here we have on the top left in the basket, the Dolce Vita KAL which is finished and waiting for the next clue. Bottom Left are the Bronte Mitts which we are KALing on my KnitTheClassics group on Yahoo we only just today decided to do this KAL.  Yesterday over lunch I asked DD what she wanted for her b-day that I could knit for her and she said gloves she could work in (meaning type) as her thin long hands get cold.  These are very lovely, delicate and look so much like her.  I'm going to hold both the gray and pink together, it's baby alpaca.  Also for her b-day she's getting a beaded bracelet.  I had her pull her favorite yarn and she came back with the yellow green and turquoise there on the bottom right, I pulled some beads to subdue it and will make my standard beaded bracelet.  She will love it.  I love working for her as she's so easy and so very thankful.  Just above that is my Spring Has Sprung shawl I'm swatching... no you can't see more!  ;-)  We will be KALing that in silk (see page here on this blog).
     Here we have 2 more hush hush projects.  Top left is a test knit for Mario shhhhhhhhhhhh.  The turquoise is for a book.  I have to finish them right away so this is my priority project right now.  This one is due to the Pub 2-15... I have to finish them this week.  I'm about half way through the middle chart, there's only one after that and when I get going on them they go fast.  What are they?  LOVELY gloves! 2 at a time so when I'm done I'm done!  Course there are 3 more ruffles which take a day a piece but I'm confident I can still get the work done. 
     My knitting is the only thing that keeps me from going overboard.  It's something I CAN do in a world where there are so many things I CAN NOT DO.  I'd rather focus on what I can do and in making others happy, then focus on what I can't: can't walk, cook, clean and I'm taking up space.  Someone wrote me and said I take on too much, that I'm scattered, making myself sick and dropping the ball.  I don't drop it, some times it just takes me longer then an able bodied person to pass it, but I do get things done.  Without having purpose in my life it would end.... fast, I know that about me. I have to feel needed, wanted and worth while.  This is how I accomplish that.  It doesn't make me sicker, what makes me sicker is for someone who doesn't understand to be hurtful by telling me I'm spread too thin.  Or moving too much, knitting doesn't require that.  Trust me... if all you could do was knit, you'd do it too.  This would look like a lot of stuff to someone who's not disabled.  It's not for me, it's the level I feel most comfortable with and where I need to be for now.  
Do you understand?
     I finished BSG and the funny thing?  One part of my ailments that I love is that you can tell me the same joke over and over and I will laugh just as hard the last time you tell it as the first time.  I didn't remember that the Cylon's got together with the humans!  It's fun watching something again and seeing it for the first time.  Only thing is now I miss it and I wish I were watching it again. ;-) Until next time, knit on!

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