Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Simple Trifle Recipe

A Trifle was served at midnight during the Pemberley winter ball in the year 1813.
Pound cake
Fresh berries or peaches sliced
Whipped cream

This can be made in a large clear bowl or individual serving dishes. Place a slice of pound cake at the bottom of bowl, use cookie cutter for small dish, cover completely.  Next comes fruit, about 1” of fruit of your choice.  If sliced peaches are used fan them out from the center.  Last is a layer of whipped cream, repeat as many times as the bowl will allow.  

Do a Google search for Trifle and see how many recipes you can come up with or try Eton Mess.  There are many different things you can add to your Trifle such as a sprinkle of nutmeg, or chocolate shavings to the top, or dried crumbs of whatever cake you used.  How about a bit of liquid sprinkled onto the cake?  Speaking of cake you could use Lady Fingers, Macaroons, anything that takes your fancy.   Whichever cake and fruit you choose I'm sure that Trifle isn't a good word for this dish as it's plenty enough to whet my appetite, how about you?


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