Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Homemade Cold Remedy, Chicken Noodles Soup & How to Boost Immune System

Juice and pulp of half a lemon
1 T honey
1-2 cloves garlic (organic, fresh pressed if you can tolerate it)
Hot water
      Mix all, stir well, drink throughout the day, hot preferred but can be made up cold as well.  Some stomachs can't tolerate so much garlic but it's such a good offense against the bad soldiers playing havoc with your immune system.  If your stomach rebels just press the garlic and strain out after steeping.
      Clan McDonnell Chicken Noodle Soup
1 whole chicken (or just frame)
2T Bragg's Cider Vinegar
1 onion (diced)
1 rib celery (diced)
5 cloves garlic (pressed)
1 can evaporated milk
1 small pack of rice noodles
     Put chicken pot press down on it to flatten, add water to cover chicken.  Boil, reduce to low, add vinegar (draws calcium out and into broth) simmer covered 1 hour or till tender, remove bones and skin, chop chicken. Add onion, celery, garlic simmer one hour.  In the last 15 minutes add milk and noodles if you want add other diced fresh veggies at this time like broccoli or cauliflower.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  They say it's all in your head that this chicken noodle helps a cold but if it doesn't help it sure is good for your soul and it doesn't last long around here.
     Keep in mind that the opposite of "antibiotics" is "probiotics".  A quick Google search will help advance your knowledge base.  Antibiotics are handed out like candy in the US today and people have to learn to just say no, change doctors if they offer them freely!  Yes I'm very serious, as bugs are getting more virulent and one of these days those antibiotics are going to be really needed for some plague like contaminant which will do a major sweep of the US and when we need them they wont work because the bugs got too smart.  So just say no to them and learn more about probiotics which are the only real defense we have for a viral cold anyway.  Viruses can not be helped with antibiotics, only bacterial infections are affected by them. Without doing lab work your doctor really can't tell which you have either.  Did you know that most of the adult colds are viral and not bacterial?  Be smart and just say no.  I have MVP which for years my cardiologist told me I had to taken antibiotics before going to the dentist, now I just skip the dentist more frequently then I should.  But recently they changed that advice!  Why do you think that is?  Because they all know bugs are getting smarter, we need to get smarter too.
     Simple efforts such as washing hands frequently and washing down the work environment down with a bit of water/vinegar and a few drops of Tea Tree go a long way towards keeping bugs to a minimum.  Make an air defense spray.  In a small spray bottle: fill mostly with good water, then 10 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil, 5 Eucalyptus Oil, 5 Lavender.  Spray that liberally, daily, in your office and make sure to spray and wipe down your desk when a sick person vacates your space.  Wash your hands as well. No it's not overboard, it's how to stay healthy in what is potentially the most hostile environment for colds.  
     In addition you need to boost your system with Goldenseal, Echinacea, Lobelia for sinuses, Red Clover Stillinga for swollen glands, Olive Leaf and Oregano Oil, Cayenne which helps circulation and Mullein Leaf for ear aches on a bit of cotton ball.  There are many more healing herbs but I will leave you some of the mystery to unravel for yourself, its fun just search.  The above list and the ones below are what we normally use for our cold.  We make a "concoction" of the dose on the bottles of each into a small cup with about a 1/4 cup of juice  This can be taken 3-5 times daily to boost the immune system.
     Taking Vitamin D-3 daily in the morning has helped me tremendously towards not even getting sick for the last few years.  We use Source Naturals and have found it the best.  I had a severe D deficiency and so used my condition to judge which worked best for me.  Take Vitamin C to bowel tolerance then back down until you get the perfect amount for your body. Ginger, great for the stomach as well as antiviral.  Take a good gel cap of garlic supplement daily or if you can fresh pressed organic garlic is even better for you, some stomachs don't like it so go slow with this one.  Also a good liquid vitamins and minerals daily, Concentrace is an excellent brand for the minerals.  Did you know that Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) stems from a mineral deficiency?  Many modern ailments are just a lack of a healthy diet of fresh raw organic fruits and vegetables where you can get all the nutrients you need.  If you go totally Vegan please do supplement with a good liquid B-12 and do your research.  All herbs with links above should be taken in liquid form (always go liquid - never tablets) as that's the form that the body can accept, digest and utilize with the least amount of effort.  The only tablet we take is for the greens which everyone knows are good for you. Wuji brand Chlorella called the Little Green Miracle by Firgrove Farm Supplements.  They have a video for you to watch.
      We buy all our liquid herbs from Herb Pharm and as far as I know, they are the only company which produces Red Clover Stillinga which is a compound of more then just the Red Clover.  I was plagued by swollen glands in my throat for years.  After taking this under my tongue for a few months they never bothered me again. We love IHerb for all our toiletries as well as our herbs, they have the best pricing and normally the shipment comes in the next day!  If you go there use the coupon WEN537 and you will receive a discount. 
      As with all advice talk with your doctor first as I'm not a doctor, just like keeping my family healthy. We wish you good health!


  1. Oh, I enjoyed this post so much! I too, believe that a healthy diet and vitamins and minerals are best for our bodies.

  2. So much good advice in your post, Wendy. Great information on the healing herbs, I am a firm believer in these but always have taken in pill form. Sooo, noting your sage advice, I shall look for the liquid in the future. Wish I could use your sources, however I am in Canada so will look around for retailers up here. Thanks for the most helpful post!

  3. Wendy, email me privately please, about the supplements. Cece

  4. Sorry CeCe but I need an e-mail addy write to me at

  5. That Wuji brand looks nice. We always get our chlorella from but will give this one a try, if I can find it ;p

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