Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dolce Vita, Neibling and Elmsfeuer

Last years spurt of KALs really burned me out as they were all identical.  This year I'm going in for some New Thangs!  YEAH!  Different designers, different knits and even a doily I will be mixing it up with my own designs too so it looks like a fine start to the new year.
     Dolce Vita is starting 2-2 and it's by Bridget, I don't speak German so I'm left out of all the chit chat and hype which is probably for the best.Knitting-Delight 
On Ravelry
      This is the yarn I have chosen for this KAL, long strand Kauni in teals all light to dark.  The Quinto she suggests is 150 g and so is the Kauni so I hope that it's similar.  She recommends between a 6-8 needle so I'm thinking that I'm barking up the right tree.
     We are doing a doily of Herbert Neiblings called Trollblume on the Neibling Lace list at Yahoo.  This one starts soon and we were given the first 12 rows.  Trollblume is a pretty yellow flower... if I'd had #30 in yellow I should have liked it in that but well,,,, no come to think of it our front room IS yellow so it would have worked.  Well I like it in this color so it's what we are doing.
      This is my beginning for that KAL, they have only distributed the first 12 rows so far.  Still time to join in the fun.
     I bought the thread a few years back off of E-bay, which is the Clark's box below... they are so old that it's not even Coats & Clark yet.  ;-)  I'm not going to use the orange.  There's a very natural place to switch from green to beige at the border, I hope my green holds out.  They are only 80 - 85 yard balls.
      Then there's Elmsfeuer by Moni, also on a German Yahoo Group.  Elmsfeuer here's where to buy the pattern.
     The Kauni below is the yarn I'm planning for Moni's shawl as she's using a long strand in blues to black.  This one has several colors but will be a fine substituted.  It's mostly blue and purple but there's also green and violet so it will be an interesting knit.

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