Friday, January 20, 2012

Books AWAY!

     Well Kiddies, last time I said my book was done it meant that all the patterns were compiled.  There are many shade of "doneness".  While I finished the text, the compilation of the actual "writing" I had to do the redlines which was my way of saying I printed the book and used half of a brand new Jelly writer pen (yes HALF) to make corrections, additions, etc.  I worked on that the week of Jan, 9th.  Then the following week I worked on all the charts, made sure I had them, double checked their accuracy as I didn't work all of them up.  The charts were then transposed into a picture which is supportive of the printing industry.  I then had to learn how to zip files.  Sent the book in one e-mail then made two more zip files of 1-10 charts for each pattern in the book (18).  You do the math my brains HURT!  Zipping files is a SNAP on my PC, Start, Computer, Send to and Compress, VIOLA!  SWEET
     IT'S GONE!  Course not 5 minutes later I found I omitted a count on the beads for one of the patterns.  I'm sure to find stuff like that off and on but,,,, I'm off!  I asked the boss and she gave me a long weekend.  YIPEEEEEE  So I'm helping a fellow designer with a test knit!  Yes!  You know me, can't pin me down.  Between working on the TK and all having a deadline of next week for two patterns polished and sent off I'm sure to keep busy.  I'm going to be alone tonight and on Sunday all day so I will probably be working through those down times as it's the only time I can really write, comprehend and then recycle the information as it needs to be.
     Meanwhile back at the ranch.  Remember when I showed you our sheep Spanky being shorn?  Well he went immediately into the wash, then dye pots.  The gal who gave him to us has been very kind, coming back to shear him and care for him, teaching us more about caring for him.  So I wanted to show my appreciation with a hat.  She's never received anything for her efforts.  She runs (or ran) the 4H locally and has helped many as she has us.  This is Spanky, he's thick thin, 2 ply, 58 yards, total of 116 yards, about fingering-DK weight.
If you need me you will have to bring a ladder and a spatula to scrap me off the ceiling... or just bring a good adhesive and join me!

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