Thursday, January 5, 2012

Book finished

I'M SO HAPPY AND EXCITED IT'S DONE!  RUMBA!!!! Sing and Dance with me!  Sing it... No eating here tonight, yo ona diet (Dory in Nemo) 


Dancing Dancing Dancing,,, I'm a dancing machine.  Blame it on the boogie!

 Ok ya'll know I'm "In Valid" so whom I kidding but I sur nuff would if I could.  Can a body bust from being so happy?  DONE is a four letter word, one of the best, right up there on my meter with LOVE!
       My reward?  YUP always have a reward at the end of a big project cause you know what?  You deserve it!  You so deserve it and after a years worth of work, so do I!  I'm going to watch the ENTIRE SEASONS ALL EPISODES back to back to back and then some of:
      I'm going to finish this shawl cause it's sooo soft and nummy in my baby Paca or did I call it Pixie Paca?  Something like that and I want to wear it and it's going to fit into a challenge due on Tuesday so I'm GONNA finish it.

Then I'm going to swatch!  CAW! CAW! CAW!
Then I'm gonna swatch some more!
Then I'm going to pick up my needles and cast on, cause you know what?  Casting on is GREAT!  It's awesome and yes I will be writing down every last step for a circular shawl with a slit up the front.  Then you can make the shawl and then you can WEAR the shawl and you can FLAP! FLAP! FLAP! away with me!  Cause you deserve a treat, it will be free and it will be THE BOMB THE BEST THE most AWESOME shawl, straight forward on some LOVELY YARN!  oh me I can't wait to share but wait I must.  I have sold all the samples already and they are all sworn to secrecy but soon and very soon they too will be able to blab all about the depth of this yarns goodness.  Yes it looks all colorful and shiney like a raven and yes it's black!  cause we know how to get good dye.  YUM.  Here's my EMPTY design board ready to receive the lovely black bird swatches.
     Overheated, over excited,, surely ramping up for a heart attack or something, I need to go knit to calm down.  I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo over the top right now that I feel like I'm going to split in two or blow up or something.  Is that even possible?  I'm so happy.  Be happy too.

 A button for the ADOW bag I'm going to design yes, it's going to have the sun, moon and stars on it.

A headband that I designed and had test knit this past week.  This band is the best I have ever worn in that it doesn't move, fits like a second skin, it's even prettier in person, beads, lace, 2 colors, who wouldn't like it!  Knit and crochet, written and charted.  You can find it here headband pattern

My family love me.  They know I normally get depressed this time of year from a sever D deficiency even though I'm the brownest white person I ever saw since the 60's!  So DD sewed up a panel thingy to cover the shelving in our room and she hung these all about my room I LOVE IT!!!  She's wonderful!

Aren't they purdy!

I have so much to be thankful for,,, WOW I didn't realized just how MUCH stress I was under with the book deadline having passed.  AHHHHHHHHH can you feel that?  Hear that?  It's wonderful I believe it's the heavens having opened and the choir is singing.  God is good, He's on the throne and all is right with the world.