Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Baby Time

Yes you guessed it.... I got to see my first g-baby this past weekend.  While I spent my energy quota for a month of Sundays it's so worth it!  He just coming into his own and so is laughing, can be made to laugh, is trying to learn how to give raspberries, and yes granny helped that along!  It was so nice to be with him.  I held him almost the entire day!  NO I didn't let him sleep.  Poor dear must have sleep through the night after me!  HAHA but I love him and he loves me, you can tell even though they are so young.  Such a delight, someone shoulda told me.  I love being Granny... only thing missing is the jug!  LOL  I way underestimated the size of his feet so he got new socks.  No they aren't boots, they just stand alone like a pair of jeans that have been worn without washing for far too long. Daddy picked out the colors.  It's modern Ches from Alice in Wonderland.
I don't know what the photo looked like for sure but my ex won a contest off of a photo he shot of my baby.  He deserves it, he's an EXCELLENT photographer.  Wondering if its the one I got for Christmas, very like this shot... only it's just his face, chin to eyebrows.
     Enough bragging rights.

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