Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Baby Time

Yes you guessed it.... I got to see my first g-baby this past weekend.  While I spent my energy quota for a month of Sundays it's so worth it!  He just coming into his own and so is laughing, can be made to laugh, is trying to learn how to give raspberries, and yes granny helped that along!  It was so nice to be with him.  I held him almost the entire day!  NO I didn't let him sleep.  Poor dear must have sleep through the night after me!  HAHA but I love him and he loves me, you can tell even though they are so young.  Such a delight, someone shoulda told me.  I love being Granny... only thing missing is the jug!  LOL  I way underestimated the size of his feet so he got new socks.  No they aren't boots, they just stand alone like a pair of jeans that have been worn without washing for far too long. Daddy picked out the colors.  It's modern Ches from Alice in Wonderland.
I don't know what the photo looked like for sure but my ex won a contest off of a photo he shot of my baby.  He deserves it, he's an EXCELLENT photographer.  Wondering if its the one I got for Christmas, very like this shot... only it's just his face, chin to eyebrows.
     Enough bragging rights.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dolce Vita, Neibling and Elmsfeuer

Last years spurt of KALs really burned me out as they were all identical.  This year I'm going in for some New Thangs!  YEAH!  Different designers, different knits and even a doily I will be mixing it up with my own designs too so it looks like a fine start to the new year.
     Dolce Vita is starting 2-2 and it's by Bridget, I don't speak German so I'm left out of all the chit chat and hype which is probably for the best.Knitting-Delight 
On Ravelry
      This is the yarn I have chosen for this KAL, long strand Kauni in teals all light to dark.  The Quinto she suggests is 150 g and so is the Kauni so I hope that it's similar.  She recommends between a 6-8 needle so I'm thinking that I'm barking up the right tree.
     We are doing a doily of Herbert Neiblings called Trollblume on the Neibling Lace list at Yahoo.  This one starts soon and we were given the first 12 rows.  Trollblume is a pretty yellow flower... if I'd had #30 in yellow I should have liked it in that but well,,,, no come to think of it our front room IS yellow so it would have worked.  Well I like it in this color so it's what we are doing.
      This is my beginning for that KAL, they have only distributed the first 12 rows so far.  Still time to join in the fun.
     I bought the thread a few years back off of E-bay, which is the Clark's box below... they are so old that it's not even Coats & Clark yet.  ;-)  I'm not going to use the orange.  There's a very natural place to switch from green to beige at the border, I hope my green holds out.  They are only 80 - 85 yard balls.
      Then there's Elmsfeuer by Moni, also on a German Yahoo Group.  Elmsfeuer here's where to buy the pattern.
     The Kauni below is the yarn I'm planning for Moni's shawl as she's using a long strand in blues to black.  This one has several colors but will be a fine substituted.  It's mostly blue and purple but there's also green and violet so it will be an interesting knit.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Simple Trifle Recipe

A Trifle was served at midnight during the Pemberley winter ball in the year 1813.
Pound cake
Fresh berries or peaches sliced
Whipped cream

This can be made in a large clear bowl or individual serving dishes. Place a slice of pound cake at the bottom of bowl, use cookie cutter for small dish, cover completely.  Next comes fruit, about 1” of fruit of your choice.  If sliced peaches are used fan them out from the center.  Last is a layer of whipped cream, repeat as many times as the bowl will allow.  

Do a Google search for Trifle and see how many recipes you can come up with or try Eton Mess.  There are many different things you can add to your Trifle such as a sprinkle of nutmeg, or chocolate shavings to the top, or dried crumbs of whatever cake you used.  How about a bit of liquid sprinkled onto the cake?  Speaking of cake you could use Lady Fingers, Macaroons, anything that takes your fancy.   Whichever cake and fruit you choose I'm sure that Trifle isn't a good word for this dish as it's plenty enough to whet my appetite, how about you?


Homemade Cold Remedy, Chicken Noodles Soup & How to Boost Immune System

Juice and pulp of half a lemon
1 T honey
1-2 cloves garlic (organic, fresh pressed if you can tolerate it)
Hot water
      Mix all, stir well, drink throughout the day, hot preferred but can be made up cold as well.  Some stomachs can't tolerate so much garlic but it's such a good offense against the bad soldiers playing havoc with your immune system.  If your stomach rebels just press the garlic and strain out after steeping.
      Clan McDonnell Chicken Noodle Soup
1 whole chicken (or just frame)
2T Bragg's Cider Vinegar
1 onion (diced)
1 rib celery (diced)
5 cloves garlic (pressed)
1 can evaporated milk
1 small pack of rice noodles
     Put chicken pot press down on it to flatten, add water to cover chicken.  Boil, reduce to low, add vinegar (draws calcium out and into broth) simmer covered 1 hour or till tender, remove bones and skin, chop chicken. Add onion, celery, garlic simmer one hour.  In the last 15 minutes add milk and noodles if you want add other diced fresh veggies at this time like broccoli or cauliflower.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  They say it's all in your head that this chicken noodle helps a cold but if it doesn't help it sure is good for your soul and it doesn't last long around here.
     Keep in mind that the opposite of "antibiotics" is "probiotics".  A quick Google search will help advance your knowledge base.  Antibiotics are handed out like candy in the US today and people have to learn to just say no, change doctors if they offer them freely!  Yes I'm very serious, as bugs are getting more virulent and one of these days those antibiotics are going to be really needed for some plague like contaminant which will do a major sweep of the US and when we need them they wont work because the bugs got too smart.  So just say no to them and learn more about probiotics which are the only real defense we have for a viral cold anyway.  Viruses can not be helped with antibiotics, only bacterial infections are affected by them. Without doing lab work your doctor really can't tell which you have either.  Did you know that most of the adult colds are viral and not bacterial?  Be smart and just say no.  I have MVP which for years my cardiologist told me I had to taken antibiotics before going to the dentist, now I just skip the dentist more frequently then I should.  But recently they changed that advice!  Why do you think that is?  Because they all know bugs are getting smarter, we need to get smarter too.
     Simple efforts such as washing hands frequently and washing down the work environment down with a bit of water/vinegar and a few drops of Tea Tree go a long way towards keeping bugs to a minimum.  Make an air defense spray.  In a small spray bottle: fill mostly with good water, then 10 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil, 5 Eucalyptus Oil, 5 Lavender.  Spray that liberally, daily, in your office and make sure to spray and wipe down your desk when a sick person vacates your space.  Wash your hands as well. No it's not overboard, it's how to stay healthy in what is potentially the most hostile environment for colds.  
     In addition you need to boost your system with Goldenseal, Echinacea, Lobelia for sinuses, Red Clover Stillinga for swollen glands, Olive Leaf and Oregano Oil, Cayenne which helps circulation and Mullein Leaf for ear aches on a bit of cotton ball.  There are many more healing herbs but I will leave you some of the mystery to unravel for yourself, its fun just search.  The above list and the ones below are what we normally use for our cold.  We make a "concoction" of the dose on the bottles of each into a small cup with about a 1/4 cup of juice  This can be taken 3-5 times daily to boost the immune system.
     Taking Vitamin D-3 daily in the morning has helped me tremendously towards not even getting sick for the last few years.  We use Source Naturals and have found it the best.  I had a severe D deficiency and so used my condition to judge which worked best for me.  Take Vitamin C to bowel tolerance then back down until you get the perfect amount for your body. Ginger, great for the stomach as well as antiviral.  Take a good gel cap of garlic supplement daily or if you can fresh pressed organic garlic is even better for you, some stomachs don't like it so go slow with this one.  Also a good liquid vitamins and minerals daily, Concentrace is an excellent brand for the minerals.  Did you know that Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) stems from a mineral deficiency?  Many modern ailments are just a lack of a healthy diet of fresh raw organic fruits and vegetables where you can get all the nutrients you need.  If you go totally Vegan please do supplement with a good liquid B-12 and do your research.  All herbs with links above should be taken in liquid form (always go liquid - never tablets) as that's the form that the body can accept, digest and utilize with the least amount of effort.  The only tablet we take is for the greens which everyone knows are good for you. Wuji brand Chlorella called the Little Green Miracle by Firgrove Farm Supplements.  They have a video for you to watch.
      We buy all our liquid herbs from Herb Pharm and as far as I know, they are the only company which produces Red Clover Stillinga which is a compound of more then just the Red Clover.  I was plagued by swollen glands in my throat for years.  After taking this under my tongue for a few months they never bothered me again. We love IHerb for all our toiletries as well as our herbs, they have the best pricing and normally the shipment comes in the next day!  If you go there use the coupon WEN537 and you will receive a discount. 
      As with all advice talk with your doctor first as I'm not a doctor, just like keeping my family healthy. We wish you good health!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Books AWAY!

     Well Kiddies, last time I said my book was done it meant that all the patterns were compiled.  There are many shade of "doneness".  While I finished the text, the compilation of the actual "writing" I had to do the redlines which was my way of saying I printed the book and used half of a brand new Jelly writer pen (yes HALF) to make corrections, additions, etc.  I worked on that the week of Jan, 9th.  Then the following week I worked on all the charts, made sure I had them, double checked their accuracy as I didn't work all of them up.  The charts were then transposed into a picture which is supportive of the printing industry.  I then had to learn how to zip files.  Sent the book in one e-mail then made two more zip files of 1-10 charts for each pattern in the book (18).  You do the math my brains HURT!  Zipping files is a SNAP on my PC, Start, Computer, Send to and Compress, VIOLA!  SWEET
     IT'S GONE!  Course not 5 minutes later I found I omitted a count on the beads for one of the patterns.  I'm sure to find stuff like that off and on but,,,, I'm off!  I asked the boss and she gave me a long weekend.  YIPEEEEEE  So I'm helping a fellow designer with a test knit!  Yes!  You know me, can't pin me down.  Between working on the TK and all having a deadline of next week for two patterns polished and sent off I'm sure to keep busy.  I'm going to be alone tonight and on Sunday all day so I will probably be working through those down times as it's the only time I can really write, comprehend and then recycle the information as it needs to be.
     Meanwhile back at the ranch.  Remember when I showed you our sheep Spanky being shorn?  Well he went immediately into the wash, then dye pots.  The gal who gave him to us has been very kind, coming back to shear him and care for him, teaching us more about caring for him.  So I wanted to show my appreciation with a hat.  She's never received anything for her efforts.  She runs (or ran) the 4H locally and has helped many as she has us.  This is Spanky, he's thick thin, 2 ply, 58 yards, total of 116 yards, about fingering-DK weight.
If you need me you will have to bring a ladder and a spatula to scrap me off the ceiling... or just bring a good adhesive and join me!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Book finished

I'M SO HAPPY AND EXCITED IT'S DONE!  RUMBA!!!! Sing and Dance with me!  Sing it... No eating here tonight, yo ona diet (Dory in Nemo) 


Dancing Dancing Dancing,,, I'm a dancing machine.  Blame it on the boogie!

 Ok ya'll know I'm "In Valid" so whom I kidding but I sur nuff would if I could.  Can a body bust from being so happy?  DONE is a four letter word, one of the best, right up there on my meter with LOVE!
       My reward?  YUP always have a reward at the end of a big project cause you know what?  You deserve it!  You so deserve it and after a years worth of work, so do I!  I'm going to watch the ENTIRE SEASONS ALL EPISODES back to back to back and then some of:
      I'm going to finish this shawl cause it's sooo soft and nummy in my baby Paca or did I call it Pixie Paca?  Something like that and I want to wear it and it's going to fit into a challenge due on Tuesday so I'm GONNA finish it.

Then I'm going to swatch!  CAW! CAW! CAW!
Then I'm gonna swatch some more!
Then I'm going to pick up my needles and cast on, cause you know what?  Casting on is GREAT!  It's awesome and yes I will be writing down every last step for a circular shawl with a slit up the front.  Then you can make the shawl and then you can WEAR the shawl and you can FLAP! FLAP! FLAP! away with me!  Cause you deserve a treat, it will be free and it will be THE BOMB THE BEST THE most AWESOME shawl, straight forward on some LOVELY YARN!  oh me I can't wait to share but wait I must.  I have sold all the samples already and they are all sworn to secrecy but soon and very soon they too will be able to blab all about the depth of this yarns goodness.  Yes it looks all colorful and shiney like a raven and yes it's black!  cause we know how to get good dye.  YUM.  Here's my EMPTY design board ready to receive the lovely black bird swatches.
     Overheated, over excited,, surely ramping up for a heart attack or something, I need to go knit to calm down.  I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo over the top right now that I feel like I'm going to split in two or blow up or something.  Is that even possible?  I'm so happy.  Be happy too.

 A button for the ADOW bag I'm going to design yes, it's going to have the sun, moon and stars on it.

A headband that I designed and had test knit this past week.  This band is the best I have ever worn in that it doesn't move, fits like a second skin, it's even prettier in person, beads, lace, 2 colors, who wouldn't like it!  Knit and crochet, written and charted.  You can find it here headband pattern

My family love me.  They know I normally get depressed this time of year from a sever D deficiency even though I'm the brownest white person I ever saw since the 60's!  So DD sewed up a panel thingy to cover the shelving in our room and she hung these all about my room I LOVE IT!!!  She's wonderful!

Aren't they purdy!

I have so much to be thankful for,,, WOW I didn't realized just how MUCH stress I was under with the book deadline having passed.  AHHHHHHHHH can you feel that?  Hear that?  It's wonderful I believe it's the heavens having opened and the choir is singing.  God is good, He's on the throne and all is right with the world.