Thursday, December 29, 2011

MMario KAL 4

FINISHED!  DONE! FINI! don't you love those words?  I surely do.  After binding off for three hours last night I slept with it.  Today I washed it and put it over my California King bed... thank you very much, MASSIVE!  I needed an afghan so I had this cashmere fingering I'd dyed and it was perfect.  I used 4 balls and went with the square option of the shawl.  I'm glad I b/o when I did as the size is perfect.  Some photos for your enjoyment.  More information such as needle size and yarn can be found on my page I'm WendyMcD

POSTED EARLIER_____________________________
So Mario, even though I'm running out of my third ball of yarn,,, and it's taking hours to get round the horn,,, AND I was on a KP cable that popped apart so off went all these live sts grrrrr... AND it's not like I don't have a million other things to do... I was wondering?  What did you want this to do?  When I see that last row on week 5 with it's 6 decreases I have to wonder if you didn't want it to continue?  Perhaps for 2 additional rows?
See how nicely it is lining up?  I love that large hole in the border and keep thinking that it would be fun to have a bit of a ruffle there since I will most likely be using this as an afghan.... lapghan.  What do you think of continuing it at least another 2 rows (and the plain rows between) to spread out those ///\\\ in that last row?  Then putting a seed st on for 2 more rows?  That way I'd be for sure and all that it wont roll?  I like your lace and picot edging but since this is a lapghan I'm wanting to be a bit more practical and subdued there.  I did this in a Yarn Fairy hand dyed cashmere sock which just looks smashing in this application.  I have another ball but I believe that the next one is a bit on the darker side. I can always go with that as it's the border so not a problem with the whole running out of yarn thing.

     Course on the flip side I do have a book I should be getting out but I have been so very ill that it would be impossible to work on which is why I spent the day in bed with my lapghan.  BTW, it's about a yard from center point to corner.  Nice size eh what!  PM me and tell me what you think I should do from here.  THANKS!!

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