Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Knitting Fiend

This past weekend I was a knitting fiend.  The children said that they'd like to come up early this year and it threw me into whirling dervish mode.  This is the results of side whirlwind.
      Three hats, yes they are upside down... sort of the way I roll these days.  The photo was taken on my laptop so you can see their size.  They small, medium and large.
      And a pair of the smallest socks I have ever made!  Too cute!  I just made standard toe uppers on 34 sts with a K2P2 rib to hopefully keep them on those increasingly kicking legs.
Finished up the writing for the two pattern going into the new book What Else Would Madame DeFarge Knit.  I have a lovely lace beaded hankie and a pair of long lace gloves with LOTS of extras.
     This is a sweater I'm doing for a challenge.  I dyed up this yarn and just love it.  It's further along now but I only work on it here a bit and there a bit so it's going slowly.
      Also started a knitghan... it's just 8 x 8 squares... so far they are all solid but I am going to make a brown one with books on it next up.
     Looks as though there will be some Meldy Deep coming soon... look forward to seeing that in green, red-purple and blue all into black.  LOVELY I can't wait to share them with you all.

And because I seem to end on a pet... here's my Boo... pretending to be ET again.  Isn't he adorastinkingble!!!

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