Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dye and Tea Party

Today was great fun our friends came over and the girls had a blooming tea and small impromptu party.  Then my lovely friend brought us In N Out burgers YUM!  We are very blessed.

Here I wanted to share the Yarn Fairy and the Pixies recent dyeing adventure.   What will follow are all lace skeins, some are available, Paca is the Baby Alpaca/cashmere/silk yarn, 1312 yards/100gm per skein fine lace weight that every one loves so much.   I have been buying as much as I can afford before the supply has dried up in the US.
      Introducing The Emerald greens (above) from left to right all emeralds to show you how different fibers take dyes, left non superwash on the right is the Paca, they were dyed in the same dye lot.  You can see that the paca takes color even lighter then the merino, although that merino on the left was dyed twice.  It will be interesting to see this technique used on the superwash yarn.
You all know London Calling... this is London Calling Dark.... a touch darker then normal these are the same dye lot and would make a lovely large shawl at 1700+ yards.  All sold out.
 Fun with purple!  GUESS WHAT!!!  Baby Paca LOVES COLOR!  Who knew!  Here we have 3 skeins of paca which dyed lighter then the superwash as you can see below,,, they were all in the same pot though. Only ONE skein left.
 Here we have from left to right Plum, Violet and Dark Violets.  These were all dyed separately, all on superwash base just for fun and for the love of PURPLE!  The center skein was dyed with the Baby Paca above so you can really see the difference in the colors due to the fiber change.  The one on the right was dyed twice. Sold out.
More purple love!  On the left are the 3 skeins of Paca which are available BTW.  In the center is the yarn in the photo above.  On the right is a sweaters worth of Potted Violets.  NUM I so want a sweaters worth so I will be placing an order this weekend for the following:
          1)  Baby Paca YUP loving the way it's drinking up the dye like there's no tomorrow.  I can't wait to work with purple and brown, red with brown and orange with gold.... Meldy method to see if they want to play as well.
          2) We will also be ordering 4 pounds of fingering cashmere/merino since that's just flying out of here these days.  Lots of folks want sweaters and shawls out of the fingering weight.
          3) For sweaters we are getting a superwash CASHMERE/merino again!!! in Aran weight as worsted gets a bit too hot unless you are in the snowy states.
     Taking orders now for the mid January dye day of cashmere and anything else you might need.  I figure the cashmere might go fast what with a back log of orders for it.  If you would like to see the Baby Paca in another color feel free to ask for it as I can do just about anything,,, just remember it's not superwash and wont get as dark as a superwash but as you can see above it does love some color.  That Emerald skeins sold but I want another for myself, isn't it lovely!  Feel free to ask for anything you need.  PM me at wmdress at and we can chat.

Here's my friend and her youngest.  I made that hat and dyed it twice... the last time it went in with London Calling Dark.  It's cables, you can't really see here.  DD made her baby's hat.  Adorable aren't they!


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